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Reflecting Allowed:

'Modelling Violence to Kids'

  by Maha Bali on 13 Dec 2014
There is a practice adults do in Egypt (dunno how prevalent it is) that drives me nuts. I might be a little overanalytical tho The practi...Maha, Sometimes when I work on machines I hit them or throw the tools ...(Scott Johnson,14 Dec)
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Reflecting Allowed:

'task…no request for #ccourses “taskforce”'

  by Maha Bali on 13 Dec 2014
This is a little funny… I wrote on Mimi’s #notover blogpost that I was behind Simon Ensor’s taskforce idea… And that I have a task for the taskforce that I would blog about. The funny part is that I can’t … Continue reading ......The best way IMHO for a new group to "get" it is to have a connective expe...(CogDog,13 Dec)
Ahh i like the idea of a quick dailyconnect and definitely the commenting on peop...(Maha Bali,13 Dec)
If I can, I would love to be part of the session from afar. Not sure how it will fi...(dogtrax,14 Dec)
Yes Kevin I would love them to be able to interact with you, and I could show som...(Maha Bali,14 Dec)
I can certainly try to connect as well, depends on how cr...(Pernille Ripp,14 Dec)
I can try to connect as well, depends on how crazy my morning is. For me the...(Pernille Ripp,14 Dec)
Thanks, Pernille! I was planning to target Twitter, so hopefully that could work ...(Maha Bali,14 Dec)
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'On the Way to Canterbury: If They Build It, They Will Come'

  by tellio on 14 Dec 2014
#MOOCHostel, #MOOC_hostel, #mooc_hostel, #MOOC_oasis, #mooc_oasis, et al I made hashtag soup this morning. It’s nothing like the ha...
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touches of sense...:

'The first click.'

  by Simon Ensor on 13 Dec 2014
"To build the house, you have to lay the first brick." Laura RitchieI have been toying with this idea for a few hours now.I started posing a few lines but then I demolished them and went to the shops.Provisions made, this post wants to be written. I was listening again to the Connected Courses #notover webinar.  I was struck by a reality th...laura ritchie: retweeted this. via Ensor,14 Dec)
Laura Ritchie: +1ed this. via Ensor,14 Dec)
Check out my Diigo Group annotation of this, Simon. I love how even if peop...(TERRY ELLIOTT,14 Dec)
Oom pah pah. Oom pah pah.It kind of has a beat and I can dance to it. (get it? the sho...(Alan,14 Dec)
No it doth not. Not good with binary.I agree.Yes.No I think the bricks refer to...(Simon Ensor,14 Dec)
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'#over / #notover … no one decides'

  by Alan Levine aka CogDog on 13 Dec 2014
It’s actually some sort of inside out zen riddle. Pretty much the concept of a course as most all of us know through decades of conditioning is that classes/courses are clearly bounded in time. The school sets the schedule, the teacher gives out the final grade. All rather clear signals of a learning experience reaching its terminus. And largely (I am counting on you Sandy to find me exceptions, I know they exist), most xMOOCs are bounded to. The web shutters go up at Coursera, FutureLearn, et al.Dinner at my house comes with question, "Do you want white wine or ...(Sandy Brown Jensen,13 Dec)
I was about to post a comment saying that what happens next depends on what each ...(Maha Bali,13 Dec)
Thanks, Alan. Can we still direct people to :- ...(David A. Hale,13 Dec)
Absolutely, the blog network should stay on....(Alan Levine aka CogDog,13 Dec)
There's spaces and times for both Sandy. A question is then do ...(Alan Levine aka CogDog,13 Dec)
Alan, If it's "never a model for all education," is your ...(Sandy Brown Jensen,13 Dec)
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Sirius Reflections:

'The Web We Want and the Stories We Tell'

  by A. Nelson on 12 Dec 2014
We’ve been thinking through the “Awakening” of the Digital Imagination all semester, and today the New Media Seminar co...Sirius reflections indeed! what a great weaving between the ideas from the writings ...(CogDog,13 Dec)
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'Join the Hour of Code!'

  by Mia Zamora, Ph.D. on 10 Dec 2014
We live in a world surrounded by technology. Information, commerce, communication, and entertainment all rely on computers. But only a &#...I think that the childen should also be encouraged to learn robot programming...(Simo Porkkana,13 Dec)

touches of sense...:

'Modern Times...'

  by Simon Ensor on 12 Dec 2014
The niceities never go on for very long. "Hi, how are you?""Hi how are you?"A shared smirk.A shared coffee. A short break.Just look at th...You've captured the varied nuances in connecting-- and the possibilities--...(Lani Ritter Hall,13 Dec)
Hi Lani. Thanks I am very fortunate that I can share a few moments of scribblin...(Simon Ensor,13 Dec)
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Reflecting Allowed:

'Presenting: My Student’s Educational Games'

  by Maha Bali on 11 Dec 2014
Today was the last day of my educational game design module. It should be a wonderful day, because students are so proud of what they cre...Perhaps there can be a "the making of .... game" video or blog post as par...(tellio,11 Dec)
Terry, you're a genius as always! I love both of these ideas. YES YES YES to...(Maha Bali,11 Dec)


'It’s Complicated 2: Graffiti and Public Space'

  by Bill Benzon on 09 Dec 2014
You are looking at two of the handful of arches known in Jersey City collectively as the Bergen Arches. In my experience, while many people have heard of “the Arches”, few people have a clear idea of what and where they are and even fewer have been there, though many pass beside them as they drive on Rt. 139. The arch to the left is over the remaining roadbed of a trolley line, which is where we’re standing. The one on the right goes over the Erie Cut, a man-made geological formation that used to accommodate four railroad tracks. Three of them have been ripped out; the the fourth is broken and busted. The Erie Cut is almost a mile long and goes under four or five more arches, though thre...Bill this is a fantastic piece of work. Thank you. I have been thinking about g...(Simon Ensor,09 Dec)
I agree with Simon, I really enjoyed the analysis and the evolution of time over messa...(Alan,09 Dec)
Thanks guys. Yes, Alan, I was aware of a discordance with the term "geolog...(Bill Benzon,09 Dec)
I had two visits to the Cadillac Ranch... Talk about ephemeral, I bet stuff does not l...(Alan,09 Dec)
Did you notice the "peace" sign in this photo, Alan: :- ...(Bill Benzon,09 Dec)
You sly devil, you: :- ...(Bill Benzon,09 Dec)
You caught me! I also got some #ds106 up as well :- ...(Alan,09 Dec)
Who's got the aerosol concession for the place?...(Bill Benzon,09 Dec)
“social steganography,”Interesting term. Sort of inspires me to try and take more time ...(Jeb,09 Dec)
@Simon: I've got quite a bit on the blog about graffiti. Many of the posts are ...(Bill Benzon,10 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'#MOOCMOOC Critical Pedagogy – the book club I wish I had 5 years ago'

  by Maha Bali on 09 Dec 2014
The upcoming #moocmooc book-club-like thing on critical pedagogy is like everything I love in one place… Umm like cinnamon rolls an...This sounds terrific; thanks for sharing! I'm delighted that it wil...(Michael S. Weller,10 Dec)
Great! I am delighted to be sharing this upcoming experience with you inshallah...(Maha Bali,10 Dec)

touches of sense...:


  by Simon Ensor on 08 Dec 2014
There was nobody else there, just Jazz the dog. He looked up at me, questioning, "Why had I stopped?" There was just a feeling of restlessness.It hadn't occurred to me how freedom is framed.   I had never felt such an extreme reaction to the captive eye, to a page.All means of capture: camera, phone, pen, paper, I had le...Here is the hunt begun anew: :- ...(TERRY ELLIOTT,09 Dec)
Where to next?...(Simon Ensor,09 Dec)
Sounds like a clavier picnic is in order....(TERRY ELLIOTT,10 Dec)
The rain barrel has always reminded me of a scrying bowl, the province of hed...(TERRY ELLIOTT,10 Dec)
need=neat...(TERRY ELLIOTT,10 Dec)


'Connected from Birth: You, Your Double, and Cyberspace'

  by Bill Benzon on 06 Dec 2014
Unit 6 – Class 2: Connecting to the IndieWeb MovementThis session will explore the IndieWeb movement as a people-centered response to th..."In this world, the primary coming-of-age ceremony will then be the transfer of le...(Jeb,07 Dec)
Yes, yes and yes - obviously - all right... BUT - once we could read an...(becomingeducational,09 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'A Year of Growing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)'

  by Maha Bali on 09 Dec 2014
Ok, so to be fair, it’s been slightly more than a year for me, since roughly August 2013 but more solidly since I started my blog, late December 2013 that I started becoming aware of, and building, a P...And, be generous of spirit ......(dogtrax,09 Dec)
Yes. That is the most important....(Simon Ensor,09 Dec)
Oh yes. Definitely!...(Maha Bali,09 Dec)


'It’s Complicated 1: Escaping on a Raft in Cyberspace'

  by Bill Benzon on 08 Dec 2014
Farewell to freedom on the Adriatic and to days of wild abandon. – Hayao MiazakiAre we heading toward a world in which our activitie...."Cyberspace is the only place they can hangout with their friends without adult i...(Jeb,08 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'Small is Beautiful – Making it Work'

  by Maha Bali on 06 Dec 2014
I’ve been invited to this really interesting “thing”, and heard someone refer to it as a mini-MOOC on twitter, and I re...Flash MOOCs. Look 'em up: :- ...(tellio,07 Dec)
Reminds me of some of the Moocmooc things... Small in terms of number of hours/da...(Maha Bali,07 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'Best Assignment Ever: Liquid Syllabus'

  by Maha Bali on 05 Dec 2014
I think I just ran the most amazing assignment ever. I asked my students to liquefy the syllabus of our course. Thanks to the amazing @br...Wondering if incorporating the students suggestions into a new syllabus doesnt...(Nick Kearney,06 Dec)
Hiya Nick, actually my first iteration of commenting on Michelle's liquid sy...(Maha Bali,06 Dec)

touches of sense...:

'Goodbye Kafka.'

  by Simon Ensor on 04 Dec 2014
I drove my girls to school this morning. We looked up at the Puy de Dome, it was covered with snow, there was a pink glint on its whiteness from the rising sun.  We were together gazing up at its beauty. We laughed, I don't remember why.I can fully understand how mou...Some days, we need a view from the top of the mountain, too....(Dogtrax,04 Dec)
Yes, sometimes we need to be in the mountains :-)...(Simon Ensor,04 Dec)
Yeah, the problem with spreadsheets and comment boxes and digital beds of all...(TERRY ELLIOTT,04 Dec)
now = no...(TERRY ELLIOTT,06 Dec)


'Connecting to the IndieWeb Movement'

  by Reverend on 05 Dec 2014
Tomorrow at 12 PM Eastern/ 9 AM Pacific I’ll be be hosting a Connected Courses discussion that will explore the IndieWeb movement a...Really well done. Thanks to all involved....(Jon Udell,06 Dec)


'Connected by Design'

  by Reverend on 04 Dec 2014
“Connect ALL the courses!” -@drjaxon. Watch yesterday’s #ccourses webinar here: — DML Research Hub (@dmlresearchhub) December 2, 2014 On Monday I hosted the first of two Connected Courses sessions this week that focuses on actually building a connected course. This first session … Continue reading ......Whoa, there's gonna be another ds106 next term? That'd be awe...(Christina Hendricks,04 Dec)
Christina, You are already doing #ccourses, you have been for a while now :)...(Reverend,04 Dec)
I'm reading this and it suddenly hit me that very few of my endeavors now ar...(Maha Bali,04 Dec)
Today's DailyConnect was to get our Zeega on. I got my Zeega on with som...(Kevin Hodgson,04 Dec)
Maha, That was the pedagogical gold that came out of ds106 for me, issue is aligni...(Reverend,05 Dec)
That's actually kind of the advantage of ppl like u and me who don�...(Maha Bali,05 Dec)

Sirius Reflections:

'De-Schooling for Connection'

  by A. Nelson on 04 Dec 2014
At the end of an evening of tinkering — fiddling, exploring and stirring — tired and scattered, but invigorated by newly-made...Is there an Url or citation for "Principles of Connected Learning" (201...(Gary Gach,04 Dec)
Yes indeed: :- ...(A. Nelson,04 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'Inside info on the open web: From 0 to 3 MOOCs'

  by Maha Bali on 03 Dec 2014
Just about 3 days ago, I was saying I didn’t have any MOOCs planned for Jan/Feb and i’ve suddenly gone from Zero to three (ye...What are the 3 MOOCy things? Maybe you should do another PhD????...(tsheko,04 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'@dogtrax rocks'

  by Maha Bali on 29 Nov 2014
This is my first WP post from my phone I just wanted to say Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax) rocks Not only has he been doing cartoons of me with a headscarf on (response to my moaning of lack of headscarfed emojis &...It's all about honoring the connections ... how could I NOT try to make those ...(dogtrax,29 Nov)
tl;dr:  Stuff happens in threes, simultaneously. This post explores the three times ...(tellio,30 Nov)
You both rocketh....(tellio,03 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'Outdoor Class'

  by Maha Bali on 01 Dec 2014
I taught my first outdoor class today. I’ve always wanted to teach an outdoor class and always thought I would plan it in advance. ...You are in good company with Aristotle and his Peripatetic School. Now you need to ...(tellio,03 Dec)

Reflecting Allowed:

'Hello? The Real Point of Doing a cMOOC is…'

  by Maha Bali on 02 Dec 2014
Hello? Why again were you taking that cMOOC? You liked the topic? Oh you wanted some good readings on the topic? You could have googled those. Oh, you were interested in listening to experts talk about a top...Oddly though we seem able to share thoughts without much difficulty, the cMOO...(Scott Johnson,02 Dec)
I am happy to have met you and everybody else on #ccourses Maha and will co...(MahaAbdelmonein,02 Dec)
I have been thinking about how the past year has transformed (such a punk word) my l...(tellio,03 Dec)

touches of sense...:

'Gridlock unmasked.'

  by Simon Ensor on 01 Dec 2014
Writing takes me naturally rightwards.  I wonder in an instant what might go on in a writer's head who habitually writes leftwards, or downwards, once asked to compose in what for me seems a natural direction.Presented with a page, or at least this blog's page arranged in portrait, I lose myself in landscape, in emotion, in dialogue...The page becomes an abstraction. It is a lure.  The page has more pres...Beautifully written post as always, Simon. I love hearing the story behind the em...(Tanya Lau,01 Dec)
Thanks also for thie invite. Such fun, such unlimited possibities in what at ...(Susan Watson,01 Dec)
I am working on something right on the outer edge (actually quite beyond) of ...(TERRY ELLIOTT,02 Dec)
Hi Tanya, thanks. I enjoy subverting spreadsheets :-) i find it fascinating to ...(Simon Ensor,02 Dec)
Thanks for playing - there is plenty of space for more :-) constraints are star...(Simon Ensor,02 Dec)
Looking forward to that, sounds like we are all on the edge - i like that - new...(Simon Ensor,02 Dec)

touches of sense...:

'Zero visibility.'

  by Simon Ensor on 29 Nov 2014
Nothing could have prepared me for cultural meltdown. One moment I was dressed in a suit, failing an interview for a secure job in sales....I often think about the fact that we are educating students who will have jobs...(Susan Watson,29 Nov)