Applied Physics

Open Courseware and Resources (Applied Physics, Astropohysics, Astronomy, Cosmology)

- Applied Physics: general term for physics which is intended for a particular technological or practical use (Wikipedia).

Electromagnetics and Applications

electromagnetic phenomena in modern applications including wireless communications, circuits, computer interconnects and peripherals, optical fiber links and components, microwave communications and radar, antennas, sensors, micro-electromechanical systems, motors, and power generation and transmission, quasistatic and dynamic solutions to Maxwell's equations, waves, radiation, and diffraction, coupling to media and structures, guided and unguided waves, resonance, forces, power, energy: readings, Study Materials, Textbook with Video Demonstrations, Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics [Thai version available]

Introductory Lectures on Solid State Physics

fundamentals of semiconductors and how pn-diodes, light-emitting-diodes (LED) and solar-cells work without introducing any equations

Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics

fundamentals, emphasizes a physical intuitive interpretation of laser and fiberoptic phenomena and their applications, graphic illustrations, video demonstrations to explain basic characteristics

Symmetry, Structure, and Tensor Properties of Materials

derivation of symmetry theory, lattices, point groups, space groups, and their properties, use of symmetry in tensor representation of crystal properties, including anisotropy and representation surfaces, applications to piezoelectricity and elasticity: readings

Nuclear Engineering Courses

nuclear Courses including complete lecture notes, worked problems, lecture recordings with screen and audio capture: Nuclear Reactor Analysis, Computer Systems, Optics and Solid State Laboratories, Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operation, Reactor Safety Design, Reactor (Heat Transport System Design, System Simulation, Analysis, Engineering Physics, Electricity, Thermophysics and Energy, Introduction to Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Software & Web Projects

Java simulations: nonEuclid (Interactive Java software for creating ruler & compass constructions), paper-folding-fractals (Java software & HTML documentation), DFIELD & PPLANE (interactive tools for differential equations), CrystalLab (exploring interaction of light, crystals, & water droplets)

Quantum Computation Lecture Notes and Homework Assignments

developing basic elements of computational theory without assuming any background in physics, introduction to quantum theory from a computer-science perspective, illustrates quantum-computational approach with several elementary examples of quantum speed-up before major applications (Shor's factoring algorithm, Grover's search algorithm, quantum error correction): discussion

Theory of Quantum Information & Quantum Computation

theory of quantum information & quantum computation, overview of classical information theory, compression of quantum information & transmission of through noisy channels, quantum entanglement, quantum cryptography, overview of classical complexity theory, quantum complexity, efficient quantum algorithms, quantum error-correcting codes, fault-tolerant quantum computation, physical implementations of quantum computation

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