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- Archaeology: science that studies human cultures through the recovery, documentation, analysis and interpretation of material remains and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, features, biofacts, and landscapes.

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Human Origins and Evolution

examines dynamic interrelations among physical and behavioral traits of humans, environment and culture to provide an integrated framework for studying human biological evolution and modern diversity, morphological evolution and adaptation, fossil and cultural evidence for human evolution from earliest times through the Pleistocene, evolution of tool use and social behavior, modern human variation and concepts of race, stone artifacts and fossil specimens

About Archaeology

Introduction to Archaeology

introduction to how archaeology is used to tell stories about the past, especially that part of the human past beyond the scope of written history, Readings, lectures, section discussions, and out-of-class exercises explore the practical and social dimensions of archaeology: Computer Exercises
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Roman Architecture

great buildings and engineering marvels of Rome and its empire, urban planning and individual monuments and their decoration, including mural painting, developments in Rome, Pompeii, and Central Italy highlighted, survey of sites and structures in what are now North Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and North Africa

Dirt Bro Bob goes to College!

no-frills, all information experiment, notes from 2 introductory, core university courses: Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology (with lab)

Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology

introduction to the study of material culture, interpreting archaeological evidence, archaeological methods, site formation processes and dating techniques, interpreting early Oldowan technology sites, Acheulian technology, definitive evidence for hunting, Ice Age environments, Middle Paleolithic to Upper Paleolithic, Peopling of New worlds, ethics of archaeological research, Archaic to Mississippian in North America, origins of food production in the Near East

The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology

multidisciplinary nature of archaeology, both in theory and practice, Lectures provide a comparative examination of the origins of agriculture and the rise of early civilizations in the ancient Near East and Mesoamerica

Environment Diagram of Natufian Hamlet

Environment Diagram of Natufian Hamlet

Introduction to Archaeology

goals, methods, theories, and practice of archaeology: archaeological-isms, dating, types, seriation, components, culture history, finding sites, reading culture from maps, data without digging, square holes, site formation, linking arguments, ethnoarchaeology, experimental & faunal analysis, archaeobotany, bioarchaeology, DNA, groups, status, inequality, gender, cognitive, native Americans

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