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- Biology: natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.

Dinosaurs: A Natural History

major clades of dinosaurs and their primary attributes (anatomy, behavior, stratigraphic and geographic distribution, etc.), cladograms in determining evolutionary relationships and distribution of specializations, claims of inferred dinosaurian behavior, physiology, and extinction patterns from fossil evidence

Intermediate Genetics

all areas of classic Mendelian genetics, population and evolutionary genetics and molecular geneticstopics: study questions, problems (Mendelian genetics, linkage, maternal inheritance, recombinant DNA debate, population & evolutionary, eukaryotic chromosome, genes & mutations, chromosome structure & number, transposable elements, gene cloning & molecular analysis, markers, genomic analysis, prokaryotic gene, eukaryotes, genetics of cancer)

Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior

principles of evolution, ecology, and behavior for students beginning their study of biology and of the environment, major ideas and results, mechanisms, and processes

Bioscience in the 21st Century

multidisciplinary survey course in which several theme-based topics in bioscience and their social/ethical considerations will be explored, infectious diseases, cancer, genome-based medicine, engineered biomedical systems, stem cells, bioinformatics

Genomic Medicine

key genomic technologies and computational approaches that are driving advances in prognostics, diagnostics, and treatment, issues surrounding the context of genomics in medicine including (what does a physician need to know? what sorts of questions will s/he likely encounter from patients? how should s/he respond?)

Introduction to Bioengineering

science basis for bioengineering with particular emphasis on molecular cell biology and systems biology: Video interviews of a selection of bioengineering faculty from various School of Engineering Departments at MIT; [Tranlsations: 简体字, Español, Português]

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