Hardware, Networks

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- Hardware: the physical components of a computer system (Wikipedia).

- Computer Network: interconnection of a group of computers (Wikipedia).

Digital Systems Design

Introduction, Digital Logic, Boolean Algebra, Minimization hazard cover in K-Maps, Combinational circuit design, adders, subtractors, complex circuits, Combinational Design with PLAs, synchronous sequential circuits,design of sequential modules,registers and counters, FSM, optimizations, PLDs, arithmetic circuits, algorithmic state machines

High Performance Computing

for learners with basic understanding of modern computer architecture: Modern Computer Architectures, Memory, Floating-Point Numbers, Programming and Tuning, Software, What Compiler Does, Timing and Profiling, Eliminating Clutter, Loop Optimizations, Shared-Memory Parallel Processors & Multiprocessors (Programming, Scalable Parallel Processing)

How Future Web Technologies will Enhance Teaching and Learning

No description available - by Professor Bebo White of Stanford University (US)

Computer System Engineering

engineering of computer software and hardware systems, techniques for controlling complexity, strong modularity using client-server design, virtual memory, and threads, networks, atomicity and coordination of parallel activities, recovery and reliability, privacy, security, and encryption and impact of computer systems on society, case studies of working systems and readings from current literature: Readings, Recitations, Quizzes, Projects

Pervasive Human Centric Computing

wide range of topics to do with the post-pc era of computing, program iPAQ handheld computers, cell phones, speech processing, vision, Cricket location systems, GPS, using Python®: readings, quizzes

Web Page Authoring

using Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML) to create web pages which can be uploaded and displayed on the Word Wide Web: Basic Tags, Attributes, Lists, Links, Images, Uploading, Tables, Designing & Planning Your Website, Cascading Style Sheets, Miscellaneous Style Tags, Forms, Metatags and Footers, Soundbites and Javascripts, Review, Final Website Project, quizzes

Free Computer Reference

applications, BSD, basic computing, DOS, databases, handheld devices, hardware, Linux, Macintosh, misc, networking, Novell, OS2, programming, webmaster, windows, resources (TUTORIAL SEARCH, TECH REFERENCE, TECH BLOGS, WHITE PAPERS, FREE MAGAZINES, TECH JOBS, FORUMS, CERTIFICATIONS), newsletter

Advanced Computer Architecture

fundamental techniques on which high-performance computing is based, foundations for analysing benefits of design options, application, tutorial exercises

Computer Networks

internetworking philosophies, unicast and multicast routing, congestion control, network quality of service, mobile networking, router architectures, network-aware applications, content dissemination systems, network security, performance issues: Readings, Projects, Tools, Related Resources

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