Hardware, Networks

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- Hardware: the physical components of a computer system (Wikipedia).

- Computer Network: interconnection of a group of computers (Wikipedia).

Audio/video Lectures on Computer Networks

The site contains video and audio recording of lectures on various areas of computer networks like Introduction to Computer Networks,Introduction to optical networks,Network Security,Tutorials on Internet Protocols like ARP,IPv6,ICMP,TCP.DNS,RIP,OSPF,BGP,Voice over IP and many other topics.

These lectures are well prepared and easy to download, hence suitable for users in developing countries with slow internet connections,although quality of recording of a few lectures is poor.

Computer Science

Courses: Foundations of Computer Science, Rapid Development using Visual Basic, Web Server Programming, Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision, Advanced Topics in Robotics, Undergraduate Research Projects, Documents (CSharp, Python, Visual Basic)

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