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- Earth Sciences: (also known as geoscience or the geosciences), an all-embracing term for the sciences related to the planet Earth. (Wikipedia)

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

introduction, mass & energy fundamentals, physical chemistry & principles, organic chemistry, microbiology & microbial growth, erosion control & stormwater management, water, waste, air pollution, global events

Education for Sustainable Living

student designed developed and facilitated program, guest speakers on specialized subjects including food systems, green business, organic gardens, sustainable living, the green economy, environmental justice, transportation, sustainability projects across Los Angeles

Transport Processes in the Environment

introduction to mass transport in environmental flows with emphasis on river & lake systems, derivation & solutions to differential mass conservation equations, molecular & turbulent diffusion, boundary layers, dissolution, bed-water exchange, air-water exchange & particle transport: readings, labs, tools, related resources

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iberry on Delicious - unsorted links for "Earth_Sciences"

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