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Amazon Inspire crowdsources resources for educators

Educational Technology News Blog - Mon, 07/04/2016 - 00:31

by JC Torres, Slash Gear

In this Internet age, a lot of information flows freely on the Web, but not all of them are reliable or even factually correct. A whole market, led by the likes of Coursera and Udacity, have sprung up to give a bit of formality to “online education.” Now Amazon is jumping in with its new Amazon Inspire platform, but with a very different twist. Instead of catering to students looking online instruction, Inspire practically crowdsources educational materials and resources that other teachers and educators can use and customize for their particular use cases. Teachers reveal to Amazon that they spend 12 hours a week scouring for resources to use in their classes, and that, more often than not, they favor those that come from their peers and fellows in the field. Sensing an opportunity, Amazon created Amazon Inspire to give these educators a single place to share and use those materials to not only help make their lives easier but also improve the quality of education, especially for K-12 programs.

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ISTE and Microsoft collaborate to provide new school planning and professional learning resources

Educational Technology News Blog - Sun, 07/03/2016 - 00:40

By ISTE and Microsoft

Multi-project initiative is to include first of its kind blueprint for school transformation, leadership courses, school development tools. At ISTE 2016 opening general session, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) and Microsoft Corp. announced they plan to combine and expand a host of their world-class initiatives to ensure educators and school leaders around the world have access to school planning and professional development resources. This collaboration stems from a shared belief that technology has the power to transform learning, and can do so most effectively when it’s embedded in how a school or educator thinks about and drives new learning opportunities.

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Workbench Launches to Build Engaged Online Communities for Maker Companies

Educational Technology News Blog - Sun, 07/03/2016 - 00:36

by Benzinga

Edtech company CWIST is expanding to become Workbench as it brings its branding in line with its core mission of creating online communities called “workbenches.” Workbench develops and maintains these communities on behalf of their education partners, which are some of the preeminent names in the maker space. Workbenches foster an engaged community where users can interact with the company and with one another to share programs, lessons and experiences. In addition, the content created in these workbenches can be leveraged by educators to drive interactive, hands-on learning in the classroom helping to meet NGSS standards. Teachers, students and fans can now share lessons that use drones, robots and circuits to teach STEM skills.

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Students in Credit Recovery Online Classes Need In-School Support

Educational Technology News Blog - Sun, 07/03/2016 - 00:30

By Gayle Rich, How-to-Learn

Students in credit recovery online classes need in-school support, and a report from an education research group affirms the truth of that observation. Northwest discovered that schools with higher passing rates offer more structure and support in school for students in credit recovery. Data from 2013-2014 showed a wide variance in passing rates from school to school, but many schools had small samples. At Montana Digital Academy, last year steps were taken to add more physical support for students in online credit recovery courses. “We were really excited to get that validation,” said Jason Neiffer, MTDA’s assistant director and curriculum director. “It really kind of takes a village to teach an online student. There’s lots of ways we can provide some efficiencies, but in the end, it takes a healthy group effort.”

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