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7 collaboration tools for the modern classroom

Educational Technology News Blog - Fri, 01/27/2017 - 00:40


Collaboration skills are essential–here are tools to help your students build them. Smartphones, tablets and other technology tools have tons of potential to help students learn–if they’re used properly. And when properly implemented, those tools can help students build the collaboration skills they need to reach success in school and the workforce. Most 21st-century learning models include collaboration as a necessary educational outcome. Collaboration skills are part of the Partnership for 21st Century Education’s 4Cs, a framework developed with educator input and designed to outline skills and knowledge students need in today’s global and connected society. And collaboration isn’t simply a necessary classroom skill. Teamwork and collaboration are important abilities employers say they want in their current and future employees.

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Training-to-work programs make way for competency based employee learning

Educational Technology News Blog - Fri, 01/27/2017 - 00:35

by Tess Taylor, HR Dive

Traditional work training programs are quickly becoming obsolete, reports ECampus News. Today, organizations are getting better results from competency-based programs in hiring and training their workforces. Innovate+Educate, a national nonprofit, released their report Shift Happens: The Entrepreneurs, Wonks, and Investors Revolutionizing the Learning-to-Employment Landscape that details how employers can close the skills gaps by developing more competency based learning programs using new learning models. Workforce data shows that there are around 11 million adults in the USA without a 4-year degree, but they have professional certifications and licenses that make them eligible for employment. That is the market that competency-based employment programs can make the most difference within.

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Examining the impact and ethics of tracking students

Educational Technology News Blog - Fri, 01/27/2017 - 00:30

by Jarrett Carter, Education Dive

NPR interviewed University of Michigan Digital Innovation Greenhouse Director Timothy McKay about the prospects of using data and analytics to customize learning experiences for individual students. McKay says that traditional higher education delivers information to a sizable student body and determines the aptitude of each student based on ability to master coursework in a certain time, and within a prescribed way. Analytics, he says, help to leave a record of progress in learning beyond the traditional transcript, accounting for how different backgrounds may impact learning and extracting aptitude from preparation or exposure.

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STEM Day Website Offers Masses of Classroom Activities

Educational Technology News Blog - Thu, 01/26/2017 - 00:36

By Dian Schaffhauser, THE Journal

First, there was Hour of Code. Now there’s Siemens STEM Day. A makeover of the traditional Siemens Science Day, the new event is intended to encourage teachers to spark student interest in new forms of science, technology, engineering and math. The event, which doesn’t have a specific day assigned to it yet, comes with the chance to win a $10,000 “possibility” grant for use in creating a new fab lab or outfitting the classroom with gadgets. Promoted by Discovery Education and the Siemens Foundation, the STEM Day website offers 134 activities to be used in the class, which can be filtered by grade level, STEM category or career path (energy, healthcare, IT and manufacturing).

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Online Master of Science in Analytics Degree to be Offered for Less Than $10,000

Educational Technology News Blog - Thu, 01/26/2017 - 00:34

by Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology has announced a new online master of science degree that will be offered at a quarter of the cost of its on-campus program. The Institute’s top 10-ranked program in analytics will be delivered in collaboration with edX, the leading nonprofit MOOC provider. Tuition for Georgia Tech’s Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMS Analytics) degree will be available for less than $10,000 beginning in August. The residential program ranges from $36,000 for in-state students to $49,000 for out of state. OMS Analytics will accept 250 students for the first semester and will grow over time as the program scales to meet demand and student needs.

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ORU opens Global Learning Center for students all over the world

Educational Technology News Blog - Thu, 01/26/2017 - 00:29

by Amy Jenson, ABC Tulsa

Reading out of a textbook for school can be boring but imagine getting to interact with what you are reading about. You are sitting in class learning about space shuttles but all you can see is a picture of the shuttle in a textbook. Student, Shawn Madison is looking at it on his phone as if it were sitting on his own desk. “I have taken several medical classes and I have gotten to really understand different components,” Madison said. “Getting to be more hands on is really exciting to me.” The more than 50,000 square-foot remodel brought Oral Roberts University smart classrooms, virtual and augmented reality, robotics and global interaction.

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