Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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- Electrical and Electronic Engineering: an engineering field that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Basic Electronics

40 videos: Electronics Devices, Useful Laws & Theorems in Basic Electronics, Semi Conductor Diodes & Applications, Transistors, Transistor Biasing, Characteristic of an Amplifier, Hybrid Equivalent Circuit, H-Parameters, Circuit Analysis, Frequency Response of Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, Integrated Chip, Operation Amplifier, Feed Back, Mathematical Operations, Inverter/Non-Inverter Circuits, Oscillators, Logarithmic and Anti-Logarithmic Amplifier, Filters, Unit Junction Transistor, Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Field Effect Transistor

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

linear and non-linear analog building blocks (harmonic oscillators, translinear circuits, wideband amplifiers, filters), physical layout for robust analog circuits, design of voltage sources ranging from simple voltage dividers to high-performance bandgaps and current source implementations from a single resistor to high-quality references based on negative-feedback structures

Solar cells

advanced semiconductor devices as a new source of energy for the 21st century, suitable semiconductor materials, device physics, fabrication technologies, guidelines for design of a complete solar cell system for household application, cost aspects, market development, application areas: readings

Structured Electronic Design

systematic approach to the design of analog electronic circuits based on the concepts of hierarchy, orthogonality and efficient modeling, design of negative-feedback amplifiers, ideal transfer, noise performance, distortion and bandwidth optimized independently

Electromagnetic Interactions

emphasis on basics and applications to Nuclear Science and Engineering: electrostatics, magnetostatics, electromagnetic radiation, applications include transmission lines, waveguides, antennas, scattering, shielding, charged particle collisions, Bremsstrahlung radiation, Cerenkov radiation

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