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- Geography: study of the earth and its features, inhabitants, and phenomena.

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OER Courseware Modules

Resources available for reuse by teachers and learners worldwide; Energy and Mineral Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Materials Science, Meteorology, Earth and Environmental Systems, Earth and Mineral Sciences Writing

A Workshop on Geographic Information Systems

technical skills in the use of GIS software, qualitative methods skills in data and document gathering, analyzing information, and presenting results, potential and practicality of GIS technologies in a typical planning setting, applications

Open Web Mapping

design, develop, and implement custom web mapping applications using open standards and open source software, open source software packages for web mapping, pointers to commercial solutions where appropriate

Cartography and Visualization

Visual Thinking and Visual Communication, Creating a Reference Map for Use in Emergency Management, Multiple Representations, Representing Volumes and Surfaces, A Deeper Understanding of Coordinate Systems and Projections, Multivariate Representation and Geographic Visualization, Capstone Project

Cartography and Visualization

reviews cartographic design, production and visualization in the context of geographic information systems (GIS): readings, project

Introduction to Physical Geography

Systematic study of the physical environment including human-environmental interaction, environmental hazards, and natural resources: readings, labs, study guides, Online lectures on maps (Projections, Scale, Symbolization)

Geographer's Craft

teaching initiative to improve teaching of geographical techniques: aerial photography & remote sensing, application areas, cartographic communication, coordinate systems, data sources, database concepts, error, accuracy & precision, geodetic datums, GIS (context, concepts & definitions, in workplace), problems & exercises, study questions

GIS Fundamentals

Examines in detail the fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their applications: Fundamental Concepts, Terrestrial Data Structures, Land Ownership Systems, Data (Structures, Quality, Input, Analysis and Modelling, Output and Mapping Principles), Map Examples, Future of GIS, Exercises and Projects, Data Files for Exercises, General Info

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