Health and Medicine

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- Health Science: the applied science dealing with health.
- Medicine: the science and "art" of maintaining and/or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

ocomputer-aided instructional resource, contains over 2000 images with text illustrating gross and microscopic pathologic findings with radiologic imaging associated with human disease conditions, For self-assessment and study there are over 2000 examination items, more than 20 tutorials in specific subject areas: general & systemic pathology, anatomy-histology, AIDS pathology, case of week

The Future of Human Health

frontiers of human health, each speaker delivers talk in 10-20 minutes about research, discoveries in neuroscience, bioengineering, brain imaging, psychology

MyCourses, Medical School Open Courseware Initiative

images, audio and video clips, online textbooks, journal articles, and other multimedia files


research, course materials, public events at School of Dentistry

Human Anatomy Online

reference site for students or those wanting to know more about the medical descriptions used by doctors and nurses: inner exploration of Human Anatomy, animations, graphics and descriptive links


provides access to content of the School's most popular courses (about 50), equal and open access to information and knowledge about the obstacles to the public's health and their potential solutions: Course Topics (Adolescent Health, Behavior and Health, Biostatistics, Environment, General Public Health, Global Health, Health Policy, Injury Prevention, Maternal and Child Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Population Science, Presentations, Public Health, Refugee Health)

Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions

principles of materials science & cell biology underlying design of medical implants, artificial organs & matrices for tissue engineering, methods for biomaterials surface characterization & analysis of protein adsorption on biomaterials: readings

Cellular and Molecular Immunology

cells & tissues of immune system, lymphocyte development, structure & function of antigen receptors, cell biology of antigen processing & presentation including molecular structure & assembly of MHC molecules, biology of cytokines, leukocyte-endothelial interactions, pathogenesis of immunologically mediated diseases: readings


anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering of gastrointestinal tract & pancreatic, liver, biliary tract systems, gross & microscopic pathology & clinical aspects of important gastroenterological diseases

Human Reproductive Biology

pathophysiology of menstrual cycle, fertilization, implantaion, ovum growth, development, differentiation & abnormalities, disorders of fetal development, principles of teratology, mechanism of parturition, pathophysiology of breast, disorders of lactation, fetal asphyzia and its consequences, conclusion of the reproductive cycle, menopause, and the use of hormonal replacement: readings, related resources

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