Law and Politics

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- Law: system of rules usually enforced through a set of institutions (Wikipedia).
- Politics: process by which groups of people make decisions (Wikipedia).

Violence, Human Rights and Justice

examines contemporary problem of political violence and way that human rights have been conceived as means to protect & promote freedom, peace & justice for citizens against abuses of state: readings, study materials

African American Studies

intensive introduction to African American political thought that focuses on major ideological trends and political philosophies as they have been applied and interpreted by African Americans, debates and conflicts in black political thought, historical contest of African American social movements, discussions of the relationship between black political thought and major trends in Western thought

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Two Lawyers Went Hunting - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two lawyers went hunting. After a time, they came upon a couple of tracks. The first lawyer looked at them for some time. "Deer tracks," he stated. Then the second man looked at them for even longer. "They are definitely bear tracks, not deer track," he responded, and the men began quarrelling about what kind of tracks they really were.

In fact, they were still arguing when the train hit them. (Mega Lawyer Joke Archive)

Presidential Politics in the 2008 Election

how issues of race, class, faith and gender have shaped the candidates, campaigns, and society, analysis spans the presidential race from the announcements of more than ten presidential hopefuls to competition between Senators McCain and Obama

Environmental Law and Policy

fundamental legal and policy issues in environmental law, environmental common law and key federal environmental statutes, major challenges to environmental law and the principal approaches to meeting those challenges, risk assessment and environmental federalism, regulatory standards and levels of regulatory authority


fundamental questions about the ideal of a just society and the place of values of liberty and equality in such a society, contemporary theories of justice (Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, and Egalitarian Liberalism), implications for some topics of ongoing moral-political controversy

About Love

Michael Hardt, the author of Multitude and Empire talks about love, how can love function as a political concept, why love, the proper and improper ways love has functioned politically, love as activism, and evil and its relationship to love

What's The Right Thing To Do?

course on moral reasoning

Quantitative Research in Political Science and Public Policy

rigorous introduction to Statistics for Political Science, basic mathematical tools used in social science modeling and statistics, probability theory, theory of estimation and inference, differences of means and regression, Examples from political science & other areas such as labor economics: readings, study materials

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