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- Mathematics: body of knowledge centered on such concepts as quantity, structure, space and change and also the academic discipline that studies them (Wikipedia).

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  About Mathematics  
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Mathematics - Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences. Applied mathematics, the branch of mathematics concerned with application of mathematical knowledge to other fields, inspires and makes use of new mathematical discoveries and sometimes leads to the development of entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and game theory. Mathematicians also engage in pure mathematics, or mathematics for its own sake, without having any application in mind. There is no clear line separating pure and applied mathematics and practical applications for what began as pure mathematics are often discovered. (Wikipedia)

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Logic II

theory of computability, Gödel's theorem, applications, Church's theorem, Tarski's theorem, Gödel's second incompleteness theorem

The Integrator

pass integrals to 'Mathematica' for instant evaluation: history of integration, inside the integrator, FAQ

Street-Fighting Mathematics

art of guessing results and solving problems without doing a proof or exact calculation, techniques (extreme-cases reasoning, dimensional analysis, successive approximation, discretization, generalization, pictorial analysis), applications (mental calculation, solid geometry, musical intervals, logarithms, integration, infinite series, solitaire, differential equations): readings, related resources

What's New in Econometrics?

Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Under Unconfoundedness, Linear Panel Data Models, Regression, Discontinuity Designs, Nonlinear Panel Data Models, Instrumental Variables with Treatment Effect, Heterogeneity, Control Function and Related Methods, Bayesian Inference Cluster and Stratified Sampling, Partial Identification, Difference-in-Differences Estimation, Discrete Choice Models, Missing Data, Weak Instruments and Many Instruments, Quantile Methods, Generalized Method of Moments and Empirical Likelihood

Free Mathematics Tutorials, Problems and Worksheets (with applets)

includes java applets to explore mathematical concepts & topics: interactive exploring and tutorials in precalculus (equations in two variables, functions & graphs, inverse of a function and one to one functions, explore other functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, hyperbolic functions, trigonometry, systems of equations, polar coordinates & equations, polynomials, rational functions, matrix multiplication, geometry), online algebra & trigonometry tutorials, graphing, online problems & self tests with answers, calculus tutorials

Math Alive

mathematical concepts behind important modern applications: Cryptography, Error correction & compression, Probability & Statistics, Birth, Growth, Death & Chaos, Graph Theory, Voting & Social Choice

Mathematical Visualization Toolkit

set of visual and computational tools designed to help students better visualize concepts of Calculus: Scientific calculator, tools (plotting, Numerical, Linear algebra, Differential equations), Content-specific applications, Other Calculus visualization tools, Tutorial-style help system

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