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- Mechanical Engineering: an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of physics for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

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  • (US), The Mechanical Design Engineering Portal - starting page for mechanical engineer: vendors (stock components, custom fabricators, Directories, RFQ and Bidding Sites), design tools (threads, drill size chart, NPT & UN tap sizes, screw data, sheet & wire gauges, surfaces, Wrench Clearances, spring design), knowledge center (Design Processes, Discussion and Forums, Materials, Reference Books, Technology, Fundamentals, Academic, Patents, Industry-Specific Sites, Cultural / Social, Test / Measurement), computing (CAD, FEA/CFD, Shareware, Technical Software)
  • Intute: Science, Engineering and Technology (UK) - Mechanical Engineering and Related Industries: Agricultural engineering, Automotive engineering Control Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Fluid Flow, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Fuel and Energy Technology, Heat and Thermodynamics, Naval and Marine Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Plant and Power Engineering, Railway Engineering

Other Sites

Artificial Intelligence | Introduction to Robotics

modeling, design, planning and control of robot systems, brief survey of relevant results from geometry, kinematics, statics, dynamics and control: robotics foundations in kinematics, dynamics, control, motion planning, trajectory generation, programming and design

Java Applets for Engineering Education

ideal flow machine, Virtual Shock Tube, Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator, Converging Diverging Nozzle Simulator, Thermodynamics of Air, Real Gas Shock Calculator, Boundary Layer Applets + Convection, Heat Conduction Applets, Vortex Panel Method, Mohr's Circle Applet, Beam Analysis, Resultant of Vectors, Motion on Curved Paths, Projectile Motion

Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion

fundamentals of thermodynamics, chemistry, flow and transport processes as applied to energy systems, analysis of energy conversion in thermomechanical, thermochemical, electrochemical, photoelectric processes in transportation systems, efficiency, environmental impact and performance, fossil fuels, hydrogen, nuclear and renewable resources, fuel reforming, hydrogen and synthetic fuel production, fuel cells and batteries, combustion, hybrids, catalysis, supercritical and combined cycles, photovoltaics, different forms of energy storage and transmission and optimal source utilization and fuel-life cycle analysis: projects, tools

Applied Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

flow systems encountered in engineering design: viscous flow in pipes, external flow (boundary layers),compressible flow, and turbomachines (pumps), thermodynamics of gas mixtures, psychometrics and air-conditioning processes

Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes

photons, electrons, phonons, and molecules as energy carriers, fundamental understanding and descriptive tools for energy and heat transport processes from nanoscale continuously to macroscale: energy levels, statistical behavior and internal energy, energy transport, scattering, heat generation processes, Boltzmann equation, derivation of classical laws, deviation from classical laws at nanoscale, applications in nano- and microtechnology.

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials

materials & processes from perspective of thermodynamics & kinetics, laws of thermodynamics, solution theory, equilibrium diagrams, diffusion, phase transformations, development of microstructure: lecture slides & summaries, study materials

Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials

theory & application of atomistic computer simulations, predict properties of real materials, energy models from classical potentials, first-principles approaches, density functional theory & total-energy pseudopotential method, errors & accuracy of quantitative predictions, free energy & phase transitions, fluctuations & transport properties, coarse-graining approaches & mesoscale models, case studies from industrial applications of advanced materials to nanotechnology: readings, labs

Engineering Statics

methods of quantifying the forces between bodies, e.g. parts of mechanical structural and biological systems: Concentrated Forces and Their Effects, Complex Interactions Between Bodies, Engineering Systems - Single Body Equilibrium, Multiple Body Equilibrium - Frames ems, Multiple Body Equilibrium - Trusses

Fluid Mechanics

Fundamental concepts, Fluid Statics, Kinematics of Fluid Flow, Dynamics of Fluid Flow, Laminar and Turbulent Flows, Dimensional Analysis, Navier-Stokes Equations and Applications, Boundary Layer Theory and Applications, Pipe Flow Systems

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