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- Music: an art form consisting of sound and silence.
- Performing Arts: forms of art using the artist's own body, face, and presence as a medium.

Art, Architecture, Music and Performing Arts - Resource Page

Prime Sites

  • Interactive Learning Paradigms (US), ArtSource - gathering point for networked resources on art & architecture: architecture resources, art & architecture programs & libraries, art journals online, artist's projects, electronic exhibitions, events, general resources, image collections, museum info, new media, organizations, vendor info, virtual ceramics exhibit
  • Library of Congress (US), Performing Arts Reading Room - Internet Resources for Music, Theater and Dance: libraries & research aids, periodical indexes, doctoral dissertations, obituaries & necrologies, dance, theater, opera, music (film, church, organizations, publishers, copyright, sheet), song lyrics
  • Wikipedia, Portal-Music - explore Music categories,Music genres and forms, Composers and musicians, Musical instruments

Other Sites

Lawyers and Film

What can we learn about ourselves as lawyers from watching lawyer films?, elements of the films—story, drama, plot, character portrayal worth pursuing, mythology of lawyering, ideals associated with a life in law, critical perspectives on law, lawyers, and the legal profession, reading the films

Musician's Acoustics

introduction to the science of musical sound for musicians: physical basis of timbre, spectral analysis and harmonic series, physical basis for scales and intervals, vibrations and resonance, science behind musical instruments, human voice, hearing perception and concert hall acoustics

Sound for Music technology

concept of sound and be introduced to the physics behind travelling pressure waves as the physical manifestation of sound. You will also learn about the subjective perception of pitch and loudness, in particular their relationship to frequency and amplitude.

Early Music

examines European music from the early Middle Ages until the end of the Renaissance. It includes a chronological survey and intensive study of three topics: chant and its development, music in Italy 1340-1420, and music in Elizabethan England.

The Film Experience

concentrates on close analysis and criticism of a wide range of films, from the early silent period, classic Hollywood genres including musicals, thrillers and westerns, and European and Japanese art cinema.

Classical Music: a history according to YouTube

educational and eclectic tour of music from the middle ages to today illustrated with clips from YouTube: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical era, Romantics, Birth of Modernism, Post-WWII innovators

Survey of American Popular Music

evolution of native styles, roots of rock music, classic rock 'n' roll era, brill building era, british invasion, amerian renaissance, regional styles, hybrid children of rock, punk/new wave/postpunk, other notable genres and topics

Listening to Music

ways in which music is put together, how to listen to a wide variety of musical styles from Bach and Mozart to Gregorian chant to the blues

Understanding Basic Music Theory

review of common notation and an introduction to the physics behind music theory, basic concepts of music theory and a few slightly advanced but very useful topics such as transposition

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