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About the iBerry Open Education Directory

  • The Directory includes information and links to Open Educational Resources (OER) at the level of "Higher Education".
  • Most of the Open Courseware (OCW) items in the Directory are selected from publicly-available courseware on websites of the universities and colleges of the world.
  • Items in the Directory may include a short factual description (annotation). This is usually taken from the OCW website and is not intended as opinion.
  • If appropriate, OCW items are associated with a named institution. The OCW content is not directly attributed to authors but authors' names can usually be found by visiting the OCW website. Clicking on the name of the institution opens the OCW website in a new page. This is an external website and iBerry has no responsibility for its content.
  • Only "significant" OCW items (notes, images, videos etc) covering academic topics in reasonable depth are included in the directory. Items consisting only of course advertisements, sub-topic headings or single lectures are omitted as is content where a significant proportion is password protected.