Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Creative Commons (US), OER - educational institutions, teachers, learners actively participate in global exchange of knowledge: What is OER?, Finding OER, Creative Commons & OER, Education Project Database, Contribute
  • Digital Scholarship (US) - Open Access Publishing, Digital/Print Books, Digital Bibliographies, Weblogs, Other Works
  • Foothill-De Anza Community College District, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) (US) - primary goal to identify, create and/or repurpose existing OER as Open Textbooks and make them available for use by community college students and faculty: Information, Featured Sites, Resources
  • Merlot (US) - free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy, user-centered, collection of peer reviewed higher education, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services
  • North Carolina University (US) - repository of digitized video content for the digital video, multimedia retrieval, digital library, and other research communities: collections
  • Nottinham University (UK), Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) - directory of academic open access repositories, does not rely on automated analysis, gives quality-controlled list: Search, List, Statistics, tools, FAQ
  • OER Commons - Free-to-Use Teaching and Learning Content from around the World: Open Textbooks, Career and Technical Education, Classroom Management, Science as Inquiry, Art as Inquiry, Leadership in Education, Create OER
  • Online Education Database (OEDb) (US), Top 100 Open Courseware Projects - Agriculture, Arts, Architecture, Archaeology, Audio & Video, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Economics, Electronic Engineering, General Engineering, Earth Sciences, Geography, Geology, History, Languages & Linguistics, Law, Literature, Mechanical Engineering, Paleontology, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences
  • Open Access Directory (OAD) - wiki where the open access (OA) community can create and support simple factual lists about open access to science and scholarship: OA directory, community portal, events
  • Open Content Alliance (OCA) - collaborative effort of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations building permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia material, encourages access to and reuse of collections: FAQ, participate, press
  • Open Knowledge Foundation (UK), Promoting Open Knowledge in a Digital Age - not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting open knowledge in all its forms, activities organized around individual working groups and projects, united by a common set of concerns: blog, projects, events
  • Open Learning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS) project - aims at building an (online) information and observation centre for promoting the concept, production and usage of OER, in particular, open digital educational content (ODEC) in Europe
  • OpenContent (US) - evangelizing idea of opening access to educational resources: blog, definition, game, ocwfinder, opl, wiki, ertg
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium - worldwide community of hundreds of universities and associated organizations committed to advancing OpenCourseWare and its impact on global education: courses, community, members
  • RECAP Limited (UK), Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools and Colleges - freely access variety of educational content from over 5000 podcasts from different podcast channels, including range of audio, enhanced and video channels, to support effective teaching and learning
  • Wikibooks, Collection of Open-Content Textbooks - project for collaboratively writing open-content textbooks that anyone can edit: Cookbook, Wikijunior, Featured Books, Recent changes, Random book, Bulletin Board, Community portal, Toolbox, in other languages
  • WikiEducator, Exemplary Collection of Open eLearning Content Repositories - Portals & Gateways, Institutional repositories, Subject portals/collections (General, Science, Social Sciences, Humanities), Stand alone digital media resources, Community developed content

OER Update

This page has been revised and updated - comments and suggestions are welcome!

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