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- Physics: science of matter and its motion, as well as space and time, deals with concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge (Wikipedia).


range of physics topics, including modern physics and astronomy, organized through concept maps

General Physics

introduction to mechanics, physics of motion: linear motion, vectors, projectiles, relative velocity and acceleration, Newton's laws, particle dynamics, work and energy, linear momentum, torque, angular momentum, gravitation, planetary motion, fluid statics and dynamics, simple harmonic motion, waves and sound

Special Relativity

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity using as few equations as possible and based on pictures called spacetime diagrams

Modern Physics

essential theoretical foundations of modern physics:

Quantum Mechanics -

Special Relativity -

General Relativity -

Lectures on Classical Dynamics

Newtonian Mechanics, Lagrangian Formulation, Motion of Rigid Bodies, Kinematics,Hamiltonian Formulation

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Historical setting, Young's double slit experiment - Quantum mechanical behaviour, Wave Functions, Operators, Schrödinger's Time-Dependent Wave Equation, Calculating Observables, Schrödinger's Time-Independent Wave Equation, Simple Quantum Systems

Flash Animations for Physics

chaos, classical mechanics, electricity & magnetism, micrometer caliper, nuclear, optics, oscilloscope, quantum mechanics, relativity, sound waves, vectors, waves

Introductory Physics Notes

general non-calculus: motion, force, work & energy, momentum & collisions, circular motion & law of gravity, rotational equilibrium & dynamics, solids & fluids, vibrations & waves, electric fields & potentials, current & resistance, magnetism, wave properties of light, quantum, atomic, nuclear

Modern Physics

special relativity, photons, atoms, particles & waves, Schrodinger's equation, Atoms and Nuclei

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