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- Psychology: an academic and applied discipline involving the scientific study of mental processes and behavior (Wikipedia).

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  • Encyclopedia of Psychology (US) - career, environment behavior relationships, organizations, paradigms & theories, people & history, publications & documents, resources ( discussion, doing research, ethical issues, how to study, humor, legal issues, metasites, news, pseudoscience, reference, research technology, software, statistics, teaching, writing), underlying reductionistic machinery
  • Athabasca University (CA), Psychology Resources (AUPR) - sites organized by different sub-fields: abnormal, clinical & counselling, behaviour analysis & learning, biological & physiological, career development, cognitive demos & tutorials, developmental, educational & instructional, environmental, ethics, experimental, history, inclusive education, industrial & organizational, personality, law, research methods & statistics, sensation & perception, social & cultural, sport psychology, depts, journals, mega sites, organizations, software, writing resources, glossary

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Managerial Psychology Laboratory

develop critical eye for making inferences from data, carry out simple data analysis, learn about managerial psychology, develop interesting new questions about managerial psychology and test these questions

Behavioral Economics and Finance

surveys research which incorporates psychological evidence into economics, prospect theory, biases in probabilistic judgment, self-control and mental accounting with implications for consumption and savings, fairness, altruism, and public goods contributions, financial market anomalies and theories, impact of markets, learning, and incentives, and memory, attention, categorization, and the thinking process

Understanding Dyslexia

how our image of normality affects the way we as a society define such conditions, how important it is to integrate the different psychological accounts of dyslexia to provide a full explanation of potential causes and strategies for remediation

Substance Abuse and the Family

focuses on families with members who are substance abusers, and the ways in which these families function, explores the methods and resources available for helping such families

Social Psychology

interpersonal and group dynamics, considers how the thoughts, feelings, and actions of individuals are influenced by (and influence) the beliefs, values, and practices of large and small groups

Gender, Sexuality, and Society

seeks to examine how people experience gender, sexuality in a variety of historical and cultural contexts, how gender and sexuality relate to other categories of social identity and difference, assess media and other popular representations of gender roles and stereotypes, sense of the diversity of human social practices and beliefs in the United States and around the world

The autistic spectrum: From theory to practice

review of psychological research and practice aimed at understanding and explaining autistic spectrum disorders and helping people who have them, problems of identification and diagnosis, theoretical research into causes, evaluation of selected therapeutic approaches, diversity of perspectives, testimony of people with autism and their families, as well as on more formal sources of evidence

Play, learning and the brain

examines the subject of brain-based learning, focus on the development of the young child's brain, structure and functions of the brain, impact of sensory deprivation, implications of current understandings of brain development for teaching and learning, value of play (particularly outdoor play) in children's learning and the development of their brains

Computational Neuroscience

recent progress in the computational theory of the brain, modelling of neural circuits and neural computation, Biophysical models of neurons and complex cognitive functions such as sensory-motor transformation and sentence processing

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