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  • e-medical education - medical education portal providing selection of open access resources, free educational material in several medical fields: internal medicine, infectious diseases, dermatology, nosocomial infections, antimicrobial resistance, Hepatitis B virus, general surgery, surgical infections, clinical quizzes, videos, photo banks, teaching cases
  • National Library of Medicine (US), PubMed - collects materials, provides info & research services in all areas of biomedicine & health care: health info, library catalog, history of medicine, online exhibitions & digital projects, human genome resources, biomedical research & informatics, environmental health & toxicology, Health Services Research & Public Health, Health Information Technology, grants & funding, training & outreach, network of medical libraries
  • People's Open Access Education Initiative: Peoples-uni - Access to open resources on education in Global Public Health; Foundations of Public Health; Open Online courses;
  • (US), Health & Medicine - Narrower topics (Alternative Medicine, Biomedical Technologies, Diseases and Medical Conditions, Drugs, Pharmacology, Exercise, Physical Fitness, Food, Nutrition, Metabolism, Health Care, Laboratory, Diagnostic Procedures, Medical Devices, Mental Health, Behavior, Occupational Health and Safety Procedures, Surgery and Other Therapies)

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