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Prime Sites

  • (US), American Chemical Society (ACS) - represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry: Publications, Meetings, Careers, Membership & Networks, Education (educators, students, explore chemistry, Community Outreach, Continuing Education for Scientists, short courses), Policy, Funding & Awards
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences: Journals, Books & Publishing, Members & Networks, Education & Professional Development, Science, Policy & Awards, Library & Information Centre, Conferences & Events
  • WWW Chemistry Guide - collects and independently annotates useful chemistry sites: Analytical, Biochemistry, Databases, Dictionaries, Education, Encyclopedias, Literature, Software, Blogs, Directories, Combinatorial, General, Green, History, Inorganic, Jobs, Data, Organic, Organometallic, Peptide, Periodic Table, Physical, Polymer

Other Sites

  • Bristol University (UK), Molecule of the Month - each month a new link added to list, links point to university Chemistry Depts or commercial sites where useful info can be found about particularly interesting molecules
  • Cambridge University (UK), Two Thousand of the Best Chemistry Sites - Chemists in the Academic World, journals, learned societies, on-line clubs, companies, chemical data, university depts
  • Chemie.De (DE), Chemistry Information Service - Companies & Products (Buyer's Guide, Product Gallery, Catalogues, Software, Books, Market Overview), News Center, Laboratory Software, Chromatography, Sample Preparation, Business Club, Encyclopedia of Chemistry (chemistry, pharmaceutics, material sciences, related scientific disciplines), Job & Career, Events, Toolbox (Specialised Dictionaries, Acronyms, Unit Conversion, Molecular Mass Calculator, Periodic System)
  • (US), Internet Navigator for the Chemical Industry - direct access to chemical structure and molecular database search tools, chemistry news, databases and molecular tools, news headlines, price resources, blog: Analytical Chemistry, Tutorials, Environment, industry (Metals, Pharma, Plastics), Oil and Gas, Reactive Reports, World Science
  • (US), Central to Science - access to info chemists need to enhance research, product development, self-development, education, businesses: jobs, newsfeeds, books, databases, events, journals, newsletter, free magazines
  • Intute (UK) - Web resources › Physical sciences › Chemistry: Analytical, Chemicals and materials safety, materials and environments, omputational, Crystallography, General chemistry, History, Inorganic, Organic, Organometallic, Physical, Theoretical
  • Liverpool University (UK), Links for Chemists - chemistry section of WWW virtual library: university depts, companies / industry, chemical literature (Journals, magazines, publishing houses), info (conferences, databases, dictionaries, employment, encyclopedia , fundamental constants, services, libraries, mailing lists, newsgroups, patents, periodic tables), animations, organisations, topics
  • Le Moyne College (US), Classic Chemistry - texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry, pointers to a few other chemistry-related sites: classic papers, classic calculations, elements & atoms, calendar, glossary, resources
  • Organic Chemistry Portal - overview of recent topics, interesting reactions, and information on important chemicals: Organic Reactions, Org. Chem. Highlights, Abstracts, Chemicals, Tools, Books, Job Market, Resources & Suppliers
  • Reading University (UK), Chemistry: Internet Resources
  • Sheffield University (UK), ChemDex - directory of chemistry: Chemistry Departments, Elements & Compounds, Societies, Biological Sciences, Departments, People, Countries, Organic compounds, Biographies, Inorganic compounds, Drugs, Analytical chemistry, education
  • WebElements Periodic Table (UK) - about the chemical elements: Elements, Compounds, Periodicity, Books, News, Essentials, History, Contents, Uses, Geology, Biology, Electronegativity, Bond enthalpies, Lattice energies, Physics, Pictures, Allotropes, Crystal structures, Thermochemistry, Atoms, Isotopes, NMR, Orbital properties, forum

Associations, Consortia, Networks

Journals & Newsletters

The purpose of this page is to present the shortest list of resources that in turn provides the most comprehensive information for this subject area - publications, activities, up-to-date links etc. The emphasis is on sites with an international outlook and this may result in the omission of excellent sites, journals etc. that primarily serve the educational interests of particular countries.

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