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Prime Sites

  • Arizona State University (US), ArchNet, WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology - promotes appreciation, understanding, knowledge about archaeology & preservation, interpretation of cultural resources, prehistoric & historic: regional views, topical selection, educational & research resources, institutions & organizations, FAQ
  • Institute of Historical Research (UK), The National Centre for History - resources for historians, online articles, free event advertising, MA/PhD study, training courses, open-access library: Free Articles, online journal, History On-line, Conferences around the world, Seminars, lectures, courses and workshops, noticeboard, News, Jobs, Guides for historians, Digitisation, Conference proceedings, Partner sites, Awards, prizes and fellowships
  • Tufts University (US), Perseus Digital Library - covers history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world, current research centers on personalization: Greek and Roman Materials, Art & Archaeology Artifact Browser (art objects, sites, and buildings), Arabic Materials, Germanic Materials, 19th-Century American, Renaissance Materials, Issues of the Richmond Times Dispatch, Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri

Other Sites

  • Archaeology Data Service (ADS) (UK) - supports research, learning & teaching with digital resources by preserving digital data in long term & promoting & disseminating broad range of data, promotes good practice in use of digital data, technical advice to research community, deployment of digital technologies: ArchSearch + Data, Publications, Policy + Guidelines, Learning + Teaching, Links, Resources, Projects
  • Best of History Web Sites (US) - annotated links to over 1200 history web sites, lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games & quizzes: Prehistory, Ancient/Biblical, Medieval, American, Early Modern Europe, Modern, World War II, Military, History Today With Choices, Art, Oral, Resources, Maps, Research
  • dmoz, Open Directory Project - Archaeology, History
  • George Mason University (US), Center for History and New Media - digital media & computer technology to democratize history: Teaching + Learning (primary sources, online teaching modules, critical thinking skills), Research + Tools, Collecting + Exhibiting (digital records, archiving documents, presenting historical exhibits), news, jobs
  • Georgetown University (US), The Labyrinth - free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies, connections to databases, services, texts, images, links, Search by category, subcategory, type of materials, and/or keyword
  • Google Directory - Archaeology, History,
  • History Data Service (UK) - collects, preserves, promotes use of digital resources resulting from or supporting historical research, learning & teaching: Data, Create/deposit, News, Events
  • Wikipedia, The Archaeology Portal - Archaeology by (continent, country, region), Ancient Roman city planning, Archaeologists, Civilizations, theft, awards, books, collections, cultures, organisations, errors, Egyptology, death, Ethnography, Hill figures, images, journals, of material culture, museums, Lost mines, Methods and principles, Periods and stages, Professorships, Pseudoarchaeology, Public archaeology, sub-disciplines, sites, theory, timelines, Treasure
  • Wikipedia, The History Portal - Archaeology, Classical Civilisation, Egyptology, Ancient Germanic culture, History of science, War, Ancient Rome, Roman military, Ancient Greece, Byzantine Empire, Middle Ages, Crusades, Heraldry and vexillology, New France, British Empire, American Revolutionary War, September 11 attacks, American Civil War, History of Canada, Military history of France
  • Yahoo Directory - Archaeology, History

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