Law and Politics - Resource Page

Prime Sites

  • Austin Peay State University (US), Mega Links in Criminal Justice - Internet Guides (Criminal Justice, Criminology, Distance Education, Employment, Graduate School, Homeland Security, Juvenile Justice, Law School, Police, Prison), Course Materials
  • Internet Public Library (ipl2), Law, Government & Political Science - subject collection: Government, History of Law, Government & Political Science, Law, Government and Political Science Blogs, Law Enforcement, Political Science
  • Kent University (UK), Lawlinks - freely available websites as good starting points for legal research: UK (resources, government), International law, Special legal topics, Other jurisdictions, European Union, Human rights, Private international law, Legal profession & legal education, Further research resources
  • WWW Virtual Library, International Affairs Resources - over 2600 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics: getting started, media sources, organizations, regions & countries, topics (international business, economics, development study, work abroad, communications, religions, health, environment, peace, conflict resolution, security, law, human rights, humanitarian affairs, education, American foreign policy, languages)

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