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- Software: Collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform some task on a computer system (Wikipedia).

Blender 3D Design

computer generated 3-D modeling and animation, basic understanding of the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

principles of computation, basic methods from programming languages, computational systems analysis, computational solutions to abstract problems: projects, tools, related resources

Foundations of Software Engineering

modern software development techniques for engineering and information technology, design and development of component-based software, data structures and algorithms, analysis, visualization, problem-solving techniques, web services, management and maintenance of software, sorting and searching algorithms, numerical simulation techniques, Foundation for image processing, computational geometry, finite element methods, network methods, e-business applications

Introduction to C++

control structures, arrays, functions, classes, objects, file handling, and simple algorithms for common tasks

Laboratory in Software Engineering

concepts and techniques relevant to the production of large software systems, a programming method based on the recognition and description of useful abstractions: modularity, specification, data abstraction, object modeling, design patterns and testing: Labs, Assignments, Quizzes, Projects, Tools, Related Resources, Recitations, Course Download

Operating System Engineering

fundamentals of engineering operating systems, virtual memory, kernel and user mode, system calls, threads, context switches, interrupts, interprocess communication, coordination of concurrent activities & interface & interactions between software and hardware, introduces operating system providing basic Unix semantics, important operating systems concepts: Readings, Labs, Quizzes, Tools, Related Resources

Java Preparation

language, libraries, tools and concepts, Object-oriented programming, primitives, arrays, objects, inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, hashing, data structures, collections, nested classes, floating point precision, defensive programming, and depth-first search algorithm: Labs, Study Materials, Related Resources

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

principles of computation, basic methods from programming languages, analyze computational systems, generate computational solutions to abstract problems: online textbook, readings, exams (sample solutions), projects, tools, related resources, recitations

Java Programming

object-oriented programming, creation of applets which can be incorporated into HTML documents: Objects, Data, Methods, Selection, Iteration, Arrays, Composition, Inheritance, Graphics, Applications, Streams

A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python

planning and organizing programs, grammar of the Python programming language: projects

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