Climate Change - and what to do about it (?)

ACTION! - Where do we go from here?

We've been planning this page for some time but now, overtaken by events, we've decided to start it off, incomplete and simply update as we go. iBerry has tried, along with some of our visitors, to examine the basics of climate change science and at quite a leisurely pace. But as we progressed, it's become increasingly obvious that science is not the main problem. The science is clear and evidence that a crisis is well and truly upon us is becoming overwhelming. Just recently, mainly by following our latest blog scans, we've come across a host of statements that spell out different aspects of the current alarming situation. Some are listed below.

Is it alarmist to simply point out that climate change is here and now and its effects may be worse than previously predicted? Apparently not as the latest IPCC report points out. Even the IPCC, often ctiticized for an over-cautious approach, is not holding back in claiming that the climate crisis is 'unequivocally' caused by human activities.

Extinction Rebellion know how to act!
The main problem is people, particularly those in the higher reaches of government, who can't or don't want to accept that the climate emergency really is an emergency. But people in high places will listen if the others below shout loudly enough and that in itself is also a people problem. Drastic measures to mitigate or adapt to climate change may be necessary but they will be ineffective unless people can accept the unavoidable lifestyle changes ahead and they can be constructively involved in the weighty decisions and challenges to come.

So where do we go from here? Optimism? Pessimism? Business as usual? Wake up and act! - but how? Any answers? Contact us please! We'll try to wake up too!

Climate Change - what can be done about it?

Positive thinking and a degree of optimism here. Good! - provided the powers that be are willing to act. and on a more personal level .....

It's not too difficult to decide on practical actions that fit in with your own circumstances but putting them into practice is more of a problem, involving your inner feelings as well as rational thought.

  Young People with the right ideas!
Wake up to the harm that your species has inflicted on the Earth and make sure that your plans reflect your values and beliefs. Don't forget, that among so many other living things, you're simply a small part of nature in a vast interconnected ecosystem under threat. You don't have to cross the Atlantic in a sailing boat to make a difference but you might want to adopt something new in manageable stages. For example, approaching vegetarianism by gradually cutting down on meat or using public transport more and more and your car less and less. Even switching off lights when not in use can make some difference and why not buy local organic produce rather than having food flown in from abroad? Maybe the greatest difference you can make will be by example. Explaining your reasons to friends, relatives, teachers, co-workers, casual acquaintainces etc can motivate others - but be diplomatic!

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