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Room 11 - Miscellaneous: commentary, podcasts, videos etc.

Some items of interest that may not fit other headings.

  • Canopy - 'Mission Possible: Transforming Supply Chains to Protect Forests and Climate', Ted Talk by Nicole Rycroft.
  • Cleo Institute - House on Fire youth-led podcasts: climate crisis, activism & hope.
  • Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Michael Mann on CBS: 'Weather Will Continue to Get Warmer, More Extreme'
  • Feasta - 'Bridging the Gaps 2023: podcasts on ecology, health, well-being…', range of topics, guests from variety of backgrounds.
  • Guardian - 'Fear is motivating’ says Chris Packham as BBC series re-creates past extinction event', human impact, climate & volcanic eruptions.
  • Guardian - 'Extreme flooding seen across the world so far this summer – video report', floods in many parts of the globe.
  • Natural Building Blog - 'An Interview with Sigi Koko', using local abundant materials.
  • State of the Planet - New Podcast: psychologists, religious leaders, artists, Indigenous stewardship practitioners & scientists.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 'Eight climate comedies for those (too) warm summer evenings ahead.' Funny films about global warming.
  • Yale Climate Connections - '10 of the best climate change documentaries to see in 2023', films at Wild & Scenic Film Festival.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 'The Climate Connections Podcast', 90-second episode released each weekday.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 'From poop to pizza: Our top 10 funniest radio stories on climate change'

More links

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Heatwave hits southern Europe. Summer temperature records smashed in many parts of the world.

Michael Mann warns that the US will continue to get warmer and weather will become more extreme.