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Arts and Humanities

Literature - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Contemporary Literature: British Novels Now

MIT (US), OpenCourseware

Britain now, What have novelists made of all this? What are they writing as the old empire fades away and as new social and political formations emerge?

Introduction to Theory of Literature

Yale University (US)

main trends in twentieth-century literary theory, philosophical and social perspectives on the recurrent questions (what is literature, how is it produced, how can it be understood, and what is its purpose?)



Yale University (US), Open Yale Courses

study of Milton's poetry, with some attention to his literary sources, his contemporaries, controversial prose, his decisive influence on course of English poetry


The American Novel Since 1945

Yale University (US)

traces the formal and thematic developments of the novel focusing on the relationship between writers and readers, the conditions of publishing, innovations in the novel's form, fiction's engagement with history, changing place of literature in American culture, works by Richard Wright, Flannery O'Connor, Vladimir Nabokov, Jack Kerouac, J. D. Salinger, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Maxine Hong Kingston, Toni Morrison, Marilynne Robinson, Cormac McCarthy, Philip Roth and Edward P. Jones


Survey of British Literature

St. John Fisher College (US)

literary works from mid-nineteenth century through high modern period within historical contexts, aiming to establish connections across time between different writers, genres, & eras, gives sense of literary history, an understanding of some central texts & grasp of how British literature & readers have developed: description, texts, study questions, essay exam guide

Podcasts for College English

Lehigh Carbon Community College

British Literature: Romantics, Jane Austen, The Victorians, The Modern Age of British Literature

Special Topics in Literature: Milton's "Paradise Lost"

MIT (US), OpenCourseware

language and argument, key questions and issues raised by the poem

Great Writers Inspire

Oxford University (UK), Podcasts

series of short introductory lectures by experts celebrating a range of great writers and why they inspire

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