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Earth Sciences

Geology - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Virtual Courseware Project

California State University (US)

interactive, online simulations for earth science field studies: Earth and Environmental Sciences (Interactive simulations and tutorials on global warming and seismology. Ahora tenemos una versión española del Terremoto), Geology Labs Online (Interactive tutorials on isochron and radiocarbon dating, river discharge and flooding, and earthquake epicenter and magnitude determination)

Basics of Impact Cratering & Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical, Environmental Studies of Some Impact Craters of the Earth

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

basic principles of impact cratering, application of analytical tools, geological, geochemical and environmental studies: projects


MIT (US), OpenCouresWare

mechanics of deformation of the crust and mantle, with emphasis on the importance of different rheological descriptions (brittle, elastic, linear and nonlinear fluids, viscoelastic): readings

Isotope Geochemistry

Cornell University (US)

nucleosynthetic processes and the isotopic abundances of the elements, geochronology and cosmochronology using radioactive decay schemes, use of radiogenic and stable isotopes in petrology and their application to study of the evolution of the crust and mantle, isotopic evidence regarding formation of Earth & solar system, stable isotopes and their use in geothermometry, ore petrogenesis, paleontology, global climate system

Structural Geology

Hawai'i University (US)

ways to recognize and characterize major structures in the earth's crust and gain insight into how these structures form, understanding crustal structures, techniques for determining the sequence in which structures form, macroscopic & microscopic structures

Physical Geology

Tulane University (US)

physical and chemical processes that occur on and within the Earth, sources of energy that drive these processes, how these processes have given rise to present state of Earth through time, how they continue to act to affect our everyday lives: Minerals, Igneous Rocks, Volcanoes, Weathering and Soils, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks, Deformation, Earthquakes & Earth's Interior, Geological Time, Changing Face of Land, Mass Wasting, Our Changing Planet, Global Tectonics Energy & Minerals


MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

mechanics of deformation of the crust and mantle, emphasis on the importance of different rheological descriptions (brittle, elastic, linear and nonlinear fluids, viscoelastic)

Plate Tectonics

Open University (UK), OpenLearn

evidence for the movement of continents, geological features and phenomena such as ocean basins, mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes, how and why the continents have moved and continue to move, forces that drive them around our globe.

The Environment of the Earth's Surface

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

production and movement of surficial materials, soils and soil erosion, precipitation, streams and lakes, groundwater flow, glaciers and their deposits, fundamental concepts and practical applications, basis for understanding and intelligent management of the Earth's physical and chemical environment


Regina University (CA)

study of landforms and the processes that produce and modify them, mechanics of geomorphic processes, relationships between properties of earth materials and the forces applied to them by gravity, wind, ice, water, waves and humans, Conceptual basis of geomorphology

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