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Social Sciences

Psychology - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Understanding Dyslexia

Open University (UK), LearningSpace

how our image of normality affects the way we as a society define such conditions, how important it is to integrate the different psychological accounts of dyslexia to provide a full explanation of potential causes and strategies for remediation

Substance Abuse and the Family

Massachusetts University (US)

focuses on families with members who are substance abusers, and the ways in which these families function, explores the methods and resources available for helping such families

Introduction to Psychology

MIT OpenCourseWare (US)

surveys questions about human behavior and mental life ranging from how you see to why you fall in love, nature and nurture, free will, consciousness, human differences, self and society, theoretical perspectives including biological, evolutionary, cognitive, and psychoanalytic

Psychology Podcasts

British Psychological Society (UK), Research Digests

psychology research broken down into digestible morsels for students, their teachers

Introduction to Psychology

Yale University (US), Open Yale Courses

five main branches of psychology are presented: neuroscience, which is a study of the mind by looking at the brain; developmental, which focuses on how people grow and learn; cognitive, which refers to the computational approach to studying the mind; social, which studies how people interact; and clinical, which examines mental health and mental illnesses.

Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families

California University (US)

examines relationships and their connection to individual psychopathology, marital discord, and family disruption


Managerial Psychology Laboratory

MIT OpenCourseWare (US)

develop critical eye for making inferences from data, carry out simple data analysis, learn about managerial psychology, develop interesting new questions about managerial psychology and test these questions

Behavioral Economics and Finance

MIT OpenCourseWare (US)

surveys research which incorporates psychological evidence into economics, prospect theory, biases in probabilistic judgment, self-control and mental accounting with implications for consumption and savings, fairness, altruism, and public goods contributions, financial market anomalies and theories, impact of markets, learning, and incentives, and memory, attention, categorization, and the thinking process

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