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Reflecting Allowed:

'Embracing learning subjectives is…'

  by Maha Bali on 25 May 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutesI started #rhizo15 with learning subjectives to embrace emergent learning, and with a plan not to over-participate as I am wont to do (I failed in the latter, butimagine  how it would have been if I had actually had TIME … Continue reading ......I continue to be inspired by you and love working along with you....(Susan,25 May)
All joyful affirmations. That's what I love about you, Maha. And about #Rh...(Tania Sheko,26 May)
I'm glad your plan failed. It was great to get to know you better through #rhiz...(autumm,26 May)
Hey Autumm - only in a rhizospace is hearing "glad your plan failed" a ...(Maha Bali,26 May)
I tried to ignore you as well. Yeah, that worked! :P...(Nomad War Machine,26 May)
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Silence and Voice:

'A Rhizomatic ANT In Germany'

  by Jeffrey Keefer on 23 May 2015
Here I am in Germany for my first holiday in five years, and while there is a nasty train strike going on across the country, I still somehow find myself on one of the trains that is running thinking about our #rhizo15 time together (and alone), especially as the informally formal part of it is … ......Interested In some feedback: A Rhizomatic ANT In Germany #rhizo15 :- ...(JeffreyKeefer,24 May)
likes this....(Rainer Kresken,24 May)
likes this....(Chahira Nouira,24 May)
"What does hiding really do, however? Do ideas go away, or lose their powe...(Tania Sheko,24 May)
i'm glad you're having a rhizomatic holiday and finding things that surpris...(Aaron,24 May)
Actor-Network Theory (ANT) is difficult. For a newbie it is almost impossible to ...(lenandlar,24 May)
I did a meandering 2-part post for #rhizo15; interested in feedback :- ...(JeffreyKeefer,26 May)
Wow such a thought-provoking piece: A Rhizomatic ANT In Germany :- ...(Bali_Maha,26 May)

Silence and Voice:

'Using Google via a German Actor-Network'

  by Jeffrey Keefer on 25 May 2015
As a follow-up, or rather continuation, to my last post on a Rhizomatic ANT in Germany, I have been thinking about the role our ideas play in helping (challenging? confronting? supporting?) us move our actions forward. While traveling, I find myself coming back again and again to the single web presence to help me plan … ......likes this....(Aras BOZKURT,26 May)
A philospher once said: we do not have a scientific that law absolute power does ...(jaapsoft2,26 May)
likes this....(Anna Peak,26 May)
I did a meandering 2-part post for #rhizo15; interested in feedback :- ...(JeffreyKeefer,26 May)
likes this....(Ibrar Bhatt, PhD,26 May)
likes this....(Aaron Johannes,26 May)
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'Living Long and Living Slow: Attuning to and Attending to the Slower Synchronies of the Long Haul'

  by tellio on 26 May 2015
Brian Eno wrote a letter to Nassim Taleb in 2013 as part of the Long Now Foundation’s Longplay Letters Series.   It is a “dia...
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'Writing reflection from #rhizo15 & #HPJ101'

  by Daniel Lynds on 25 May 2015
After years of lurking around various communities, I decided recently to share a lot more of my work and interests with others. As a major lurker in #rhizo14 last year, I decided in March that I was going to do something everyday during the #rhizo15 course, even if it was a series of slides with […]......Wow, I love this. I am so glad you stopped lurking. It's going to be...(Nomad War Machine,25 May)
Thanks Sarah! I am totally pumped for whats to come as well. After so long lur...(Daniel Lynds,25 May)
Glad to see & read your reflection, too! And glad you stopped lurking!...(gz (@drgbz),25 May)
I am so glad you stopped lurking also!...(Susan,25 May)
That is great Daniel. Your poem is a moving piece (in every sense of the term). I ...(sensor63,25 May)
Thanks Greg. Looking forward to working with you....(Daniel Lynds,26 May)
Thanks Susan. Nice to hear from a "stranger" on here....(Daniel Lynds,26 May)
It has been a great couple months, and indeed I think we will keep making some...(Daniel Lynds,26 May)
Love your reflection on writing ... so eloquently said ......(Rebecca,26 May)
Thanks Rebecca!...(Daniel Lynds,26 May)
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She's So Heavy:

'The Living Artifact: An Open Letter/Invitation/Call for Help to the #rhizo15 Community'

  by Autumm Caines on 25 May 2015
Dear #rhizo15 community, You guys were an awesome curriculum. I need to thank you all for helping me to put some structure around what I have long considered the natural way that I learn. That may sound really strange – the rhizome as a form of structure – but all of those metaphors, memes, arguments, … Continue reading The Living Artifact: An Open Letter/Invitation/Call for Help to the #rhizo15 Community......Definitely interested!!...(Nick Kearney,25 May)
Depending on the timing, I'm interested....(Aldon Hynes,25 May)
Interested regardless of the time. People avoid things that get to be seen as...(Scott Johnson,26 May)
Awesome! Can you get the book? Face to face will discuss Part one - The New ...(Autumm Caines,26 May)
Aldon, I'm willing to base timing on participants availability. Face t...(Autumm Caines,26 May)
Thanks Scott - I'll be posting more soon. Thanks for the note on prof...(Autumm Caines,26 May)
Autumm, teachers go to school to learn at least some part of a skill set asso...(Scott Johnson,26 May)
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Reflecting Allowed:

'Presenting in Arabic – (in) dignity and connecting at Cairo University'

  by Maha Bali on 25 May 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutesI am a little nuts. I have no dignity. I was invited to present at this really formal event at Cairo University, by the organization that does the quality assurance for higher ed…...What an incredible experience for you and for them!...(Susan,25 May)
Superb, Maha. Well done! I gave up PowerPoint in 2011 (unless I am addressing ...(David Mathew,25 May)
I still had a Haikudeck (i.e. mostly visual) presentation on the screen. But the ...(Maha Bali,25 May)
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Rebecca J. Hogue:

'Does an artifact mean its practical? #rhizo15'

  by Rebecca - @rjhogue on 23 May 2015
This week Dave challenges us to create an artifact that could be added to some form of guide that explains what rhizomatic learning is all about. My first thought on this is does an artifact equal practical? That is, if we create an artifact does that mean the we are creating something that is practical?…Read more ......I missed this! how did that happen?...(scottx5,24 May)
Scott how did you? Rebecca, a most-interesting observation. We started creating t...(lenandlar,24 May)
Yes! I was thinking along the same lines: the recipe, and Keith Hamon's po...(lisahubbell,24 May)
I would contend an artifact is valid if the creator is expressing insight or ...(Jim Staufferi,25 May)
That said, I'm off to revisit Maha's recipe...(Jim Stauffer,25 May)
I think I just erased my own comment by replying to it. And I'd already t...(Jim Stauffer,25 May)

Teaching Beyond Tropes:

'Women Who Wear Makeup Get Paid More:'

  by Susan Watson on 23 May 2015
The Beauty of an Even Playing Field    As Ty Kiisel points out here, humans tend to judge and get judged, consciously, or unconsciously, by our appearances. He references this article by Aaron Gouveia, citing research that our appearances affect many things at work, e.g. tall people get paid more, fat people [his words, not mine] get paid less, women who wear makeup get paid more, etc. Brian Tracy, a "personal success authority" says: "Your clothes are responsible for 95 percent of the first impression that you make on someone bec......Identity is going to be one of the first make cycles in CLMOOC so this is ent...(TERRY ELLIOTT,23 May)
Terry, I have tons more to say about this topic, so I am happy that Identity w...(Susan Watson,23 May)
I think your point is well made and one of the reasons I liked CLMOOC so much...(Julie Johnson,23 May)
Appreciated this so much. A stream throughout #rhizo15 has been how to incorporate m...(aaron,23 May)
i hadn't been thinking about any of this as it pertains to online education really. ...(aaron,23 May)
Great post, and something I've been thinking about a lot for a while. One of the rea...(tsheko,24 May)
This is very interesting thinking. Five or so years ago I would have never posted ...(Angela B,24 May)
I think discussions of clothing mores really get at both cultural embodiment ...(TERRY ELLIOTT,25 May)
That is a great idea if we can manage timezones.......(Susan Watson,25 May)
Tania, this may also be why so many people who feel like they are "introv...(Susan Watson,25 May)
Angela, I shy away from video for a variety of reasons. It is brave of you to ...(Susan Watson,25 May)


'Breathing with Another’s Eyes: Thinklinking with Thinglink'

  by tellio on 22 May 2015
I have been creating a series of mashup responses to Nick Sousanis’ grand vision of the world, his graphic dissertation, Unflattening.  He and Kevin Hodgson and I have been tweeting back and forth about some of his other illustration and writing including a marvelous collection called Possibilities, some of which you can see here. One of … Continue reading Breathing with Another’s Eyes: Thinklink...Thanks for helping me find Thinglink. Never noticed it before. WOOT - but do...(Jim Stauffer,23 May)
Start with the free version to see whether it suits you. I moved on to the edu prem...(tellio,23 May)
Love Thinglink and used it for a group project term 1 this year, but still wor...(Susan Watson,23 May)
I love the validation here. Anybody who says they don't need it is either a li...(tellio,23 May)
I was getting my ducks in a row for the upcoming clmooc 2015 and stumbled ...(Jennifer Denslow,25 May)
Working on a little post about my current focus on thinglink. Keep coming back....(tellio,25 May)

Into the twilight: imaginings:

'The Fence Sitting Preservation Society'

  by Angela on 18 May 2015
Our education system seems to loves nothing more than the hearty debate. Our ability to express our learned opinion on a two-sided argume...This is an expanding post. I feel like you captured so much of my thinking this week, a...(Ron,18 May)
So true. Is it fear that makes us need certainty? Can't win if someone ...(Jim Stauffer,25 May)

'Time for #rhizo15: Follow the tortoise'

  by marendeepwell on 25 May 2015
This weeks post for #rhizo 15 is all about making time and finding your own way.  Or it’s all about one of my favourite stories. Th...
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Multilitteratus Incognitus:

'Rhizomatic Learning - The Practical Guide'

  by Apostolos K. ("AK") on 25 May 2015
Well, it's week 6, the last week of #rhizo15 that Dave will host. The topic of this week brings us back to the original topic of this rMO...
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Me Thinking:

'Map your life onto fairytales'

  by Ellie on 19 May 2015
The last week of #Rhizo15 is about to start. I have only dabbled. Commented a few times on other people’s posts. Started a conversation about maps on facebook. I wrote a blog post about measurement a couple of weeks after everyone else had moved on from that topic. I don’t mind. One of the things […]......Map your life onto farytales? Really??? Here be dragons... :)...(dancingprincesses,19 May)
Ooh! I hadn't even thought about the dancing princesses! You have got much furth...(Ellie,19 May)
I mapped myself to the Headless Horseman 'unpredicatable and hard to contr...(Mark,19 May)
"We need to go further than simply identifying Cinderella as a dead ...(dancingprincesses,20 May)
Love this kind of activity and thinking ......(dogtrax,20 May)
And this post, inspired by your post :- ...(dogtrax,20 May)
Oooh me too!...(Ellie,20 May)
Yes, map your life, my life, our lives—even onto fairytales. That works. It kee...(keith.hamon,21 May)
me too...(Susan,21 May)
I think I may be guilty of slightly over-mapping my life onto fairytales, and it wor...(Angela,25 May)

Me Thinking:

'Mapping #Rhizo15'

  by Ellie on 25 May 2015
For the last week of #Rhizo15 Dave asked us to create an artifact. This is the week I got pretty close to actually doing what he asked. A...
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Michael S. Weller's Blog:

'#Rhizo15 Weeks 4 & 5, with a look ahead to Week 6, CLMOOC and my work in the LA Writing Project’s Summer Writing Camps'

  by Michael S. Weller on 25 May 2015
Week 4:  Teacher-less learning I belong to a group of teachers at my school that works with the instructional coach to plan professional ...Hi, Michael - Thanks for the shout out. A collaborative account of "ho...(Whitney Kilgore,25 May)
and three weeks in one post...efficient effective. etc. I may go for a 6-in-1 ...(VanessaVaile,25 May)
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Hit the balloon and comment:

'#rhizo15 and Jürgen Habermas'

  by jaapsoft2 on 24 May 2015
Messy things in #rhizo15, and a text of Jürgen Habermas connect to some rhizomatic (?) &#...
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'Google Docs and ANT'

  by NomadWarMachine on 23 May 2015
I use Google Docs a lot. It makes it easy for me to find and edit things I am writing no matter which computer I find myself using, and it is also easy to share documents with others and collaborate … Continue reading ......Not sure if this relates to Latour but causality is often miss-identified before th...(scottx5,24 May)
Yes, Scott, you're right. And our tools define us. For example, I woul...(NomadWarMachine,24 May)
Hey Nomad, Great post. Two issues with and the way I set it up: 1. It wo...(Greg,24 May)
What I really take away from this is the idea of different user interfaces and experie...(Greg,24 May)


'The Rain, It Pounds Down to the Effing Umpteenth Power: A Poem for Love and Against Numbers'

  by tellio on 22 May 2015
    39,430,257.6936 pounds.   That’s how much rain fell on our 43.5 acres this last week.   How many water molecules...I can hear them. Thems big numbers. I can't count so I'm bellowing w...(Tania Sheko,23 May)
LOL and count on girl....(Terry Elliott,24 May)

Five Flames 4 Learning:

'Hitchhiker’s Guide to Rhizo15'

  by HJ.DeWaard on 22 May 2015
To conclude the Rhizo15 learning experience, Dave Cormier prompts all participants to collectively create artefacts and explore or create...Really, the Rhizomatic Learning Guide should also begin with "Don't panic....(kerr63,22 May)
Agreed! Number one tip - it can be very overwhelming, like looking into the univ...(HJ.DeWaard,22 May)

Hit the balloon and comment:

'Letter to a new student in #rhizo15 or the next course'

  by jaapsoft2 on 21 May 2015
不要緊,你怎麼去慢慢地,只要你不停止。 (It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. – Confucius)   Remember, the only student at U...Great set of advice ... more wise and worldly than mine ... but as more of do this,...(dogtrax,22 May)
You had me at Rincewind. Any Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, or Tolkien refer...(Jim Stauffer,22 May)


'Cinquain for Rhizomatic Learning'

  by NomadWarMachine on 21 May 2015
Rhizomes Invasive things? That depends on the type. Some need nurturing so they thrive; others choke. flickr photo shared by Internet Arc...Biting. Necessary, Unnecessary. Chew, Judge, Grin. She said to bite. Invade....(Susan,21 May)
I love that!...(NomadWarMachine,22 May)

WayUpNorth's Blog:

'Who You Callin’ Invasive?'

  by Jim on 21 May 2015
Two competing thoughts are vying for my attention as I belatedly address Week Five’s question about invasive species. Dave asks if,...really enjoyed this - i love the idea that what's rhizomatic was here f...(Aaron Johannes,22 May)

We Are The Curriculum:

'Benchmarks in the Study of "Nomadology"'

  by Ron Samul on 20 May 2015
It is strange being a writer. If you are an academic you have very specific points to start and stop. You have first day of the semester,...I look forward to viewing/reading the artifact you create....(Mary Ann Reilly,20 May)
As you know I love this teaching and learning style. Though everyone learns...(Saschia Johnson,22 May)


'so much to be uncertain about… #rhizo15'

  by Aaron on 20 May 2015
Well, this, for example: do you or do you not own art?  Why would anyone say “I put no energy into my physical appearance?”  Really?  You don’t wear clothes?  You’re disdaining choices? I am fascinated by the passionate responses to Deleuze and Guattari – the refusal to read them, even while discussing their concepts; the wondering […]......Ha Lots of questions in your blog. I did read D&G and they do not speak to me...(jaapsoft2,20 May)
I've just ignored this week's topic. I'm following this ad...(Nomad War Machine,20 May)
lovely read as usual A ;) I reluctantly wrote something in the end, but I should have be...(ep,20 May)
Beautiful post Aaron. "The very breath of roughness destroys them." Pure p...(autumm,20 May)
Enjoyed reading this. I am researching into ways of using art as a catalyst to ...(sandthetwin,20 May)
the daleks will never win :)...(Aaron,20 May)
yes... "i'm not sure if it's art" "i put no thought into my...(Aaron,20 May)
Yes Jaap you are right, i should have spoke to that. it was a concern last year that...(Aaron,20 May)
yes - and the wasp thing - the idea of crossing from insect to flower and that one mi...(Aaron,20 May)
i always look forward to your posts - sorry you'll be up all night but i'm ...(Aaron,20 May)
Should schools, or parents or whoever, teach how to enter a crowd or an (in)group...(jaapsoft2,21 May)
Daleks - now that's an invasive species!...(Nomad War Machine,21 May)


'Haiku for Rhizomatic Learning'

  by NomadWarMachine on 21 May 2015
What’s rhizo learning? A chance to play with new things. Don’t worry ’bout the mess.......Playing with fun folks. It's unbelievably fun. Rhizo can do that....(Susan,21 May)

touches of sense...:

'All is nothing is all..'

  by Simon Ensor on 21 May 2015
......This is like a map of your thinking .... or a poem .... or a painting splattered wi...(Dogtrax,21 May)
Have the impression this is the direction in which I naturally have been going ...(Simon Ensor,21 May)
together with Nick K's and Sarah H's contributions, all makes such sweet sense ;) ...(e-purser,21 May)
Thank you. It does make sense in the nonsense....(Simon Ensor,21 May)
Beyond AweBeyond Imagination...(SarahH,21 May)
I mindmaps but have resisted their structure. I like this stream of consciousn...(Susan Watson,21 May)

Hit the balloon and comment:

'Rhizomatic learning, group think and connections in #rhizo15'

  by Jaap on 18 May 2015
To learn rhizomatic one needs connections. The more connections the better, because knowledge and learning is in the connections. That is why I strongly agree with people who do connect discussions on facebo...Thanks for this, Jaap. Groupthink is more than a danger in this type of group. ...(@mdvfunes,18 May)
Glad you both found this useful. It is so easy to mix only with those who are ...(Daniel Clark,18 May)
Reblogged this on Unorthodox but Effective /a and commented: interesting...(mrsloomis,20 May)

Teaching Beyond Tropes:

'Elsie Cow and Small White Dog (Explicating the Inexplicable)'

  by Susan Watson on 19 May 2015
Forking Deleuze and Guattari,what one finds is that the data fall as such: There are clear intersecting patterns and similar vertices.  Of note, there are 5034 vertices and 68 million unique edges. Looking at the data from another angle, we can clearly see that Elsie cow (far left) has 65 edge duplicates, a clear distinction in...... :- ...(TERRY ELLIOTT,19 May)
Thoughts .. The cows are cute. That's my data metric ..:)Kevin...(Dogtrax,19 May)
I think u had better do a TED talk....(Simon Ensor,20 May)
Clearly some complex intersections of multiplicity are operating below the pla...(Jim Stauffer,20 May)
I'm on it!...(Susan Watson,20 May)
That's one of mine, too!...(Susan Watson,20 May)
Jim, I feel that the answers truly lie within a seven layer bean dip. Think a...(Susan Watson,20 May)
John Hiatt is such a great lyricist! But seriously not serious, how could I c...(Susan Watson,20 May)
Seven layer dip! Now that's dignifiedAnd it's a multiplicity to boot...(Jim Stauffer,20 May)


'OK, Rhizomatic Learning Theory Is Just a Crock'

  by tellio on 17 May 2015
There are two parts of rhizomatic learning. One is intellectual and represents a European philosophical tradition that rises through the great upheavals of the 20th century but the other is biological, an analogy to the power of the root, the corm, the bulb, and the rhizome. I really don’t like the mishmash that Deleuze and … Continue reading OK, Rhizomatic Learning Theory Is Just a Crock ......Bullshit calling noted. You're quite right... D&G were not botanists...(dave cormier,17 May)
This is why I choose not to think too much and just have fun with it....(Susan Watson,17 May)
hmmm Well ... Then ... I can't defend D&G because I never got around...(Kevin Hodgson,17 May)
I use language like I use a hoe. Perhaps I am wrong to expect words to be so instrum...(tellio,18 May)
Thanks, Scott. I am glad you have found ways in and out of D&G that I have not....(tellio,18 May)
I have come to get a little jittery about all things linguistic. Perhaps that is wha...(tellio,18 May)
Maybe I wrote too much and had too little fun? I did not intend to diminish anyone ...(tellio,18 May)
Sod rhizo....(Simon Ensor,18 May)
I rather think you have already got it. We don't need 57 varieties of unde...(Simon Ensor,18 May)
I have the impression that u have just summarised A Thousand Plateau. Yeah, i...(Simon Ensor,18 May)
I don't think I ever took D&G seriously enough to get angry. Maybe m...(Jim Stauffer,18 May)
Have fun....(Simon Ensor,18 May)
Jim, I am incorrigibly flippant....(Simon Ensor,18 May)
I love this discussion. There's so much love, respect and warmth in it. To me,...(Ronald,18 May)
Got me thinking (what else is new?) :- ...(Kevin Hodgson,18 May)
I agree. It is in the comments here that we understand how we think and inter...(Kevin Hodgson,18 May)
Funny. I came to Rhizo15 for the company and stay for it. If I get some theor...(Kevin Hodgson,18 May)
I came for the play - and found some wonderful people - so many of them in th...(Sandra,18 May)
Terry, you always add to the fun. No worries. Plus I am planting your sunflo...(Susan Watson,18 May)
we love you...(Susan Watson,18 May)
amen...(Susan Watson,18 May)
SImon you are so blasted right about including wine with D&G. Clearly the...(Susan Watson,18 May)
I came to rhizo because last summer in CLMOOC, everyone kept referencing rhizo...(Susan Watson,18 May)
I'm with you, Susan. I have never read a single word of D&G, but h...(Charlene Doland,19 May)
Susan, I think you are right not to lose sight of having a personal...(Simon Ensor (@sensor63),19 May)
What a lovely poem. I am inspired my much of what is on this page - the heartfe...(Ellie Trees,19 May)
A bit more about where my thoughts wandered from here: :- ...(Ellie Trees,19 May)
You sum it up much more calmly than I. So happy to have you join in the conversati...(tellio,19 May)
I especially like your turn here, "When straightforward, everyday language fails us ...(tellio,19 May)
Define yourself and let the experts go hang. Yeah, that is damned good advice for b...(tellio,19 May)
I have spent a lot of time trying to understand a very little of what D&G have w...(tellio,19 May)
hmmm.... the passion of the responses to D & G amazes me... it...(Aaron Johannes,20 May)

We Are The Curriculum:

'#Rhizo15 / Week 5 / "Sapere aude!"'

  by Ron Samul on 18 May 2015
I wrote a long post about weeds, invasive learning, and strange metaphors. I wrote about definitions and realize I just copied Autumm's&n...great post - thanks. it seems to me a good iteration of the starting from the middle...(aaron,20 May)

Hit the balloon and comment:

'Invasive story #rhizo15'

  by jaapsoft2 on 19 May 2015
Some time ago in the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland something invasive happened. It is called the Clearances. Rich people who owned the fields of the farmers wanted the fields cleared of farmers. question: what strategy or species is best adapted to resist invasiveness...(VanessaVaile,19 May)
In philosophy we know of the war between philosophical schools. But in learning and te...(Jaap,19 May)
or to spot early signs and deflect it -- both speak to strong observation and ...(VanessaVaile,19 May)

Teaching Beyond Tropes:

'Zombies Ate My Rhizo15'

  by Susan Watson on 16 May 2015
Read this blog.Here ye, here ye!I bring to your attention some Zombies reading Exquisite Corpse,Out of a hunger forMore human brains.And they dance the macabreTo remember that their stigmergy Insists on Co-Labor-A-Tion.......I wish I knew what Angela meant by that quote. Loved the choice of video for...(TERRY ELLIOTT,16 May)
Terry feel free to remix (as always). I am taking what Angela quoted as meani...(Susan Watson,16 May)
I think Angela means we should have some imaginary friends :-)....(Charlene Doland,16 May)
I think Angela means we should have some imaginary friends :-)....(Charlene Doland,16 May)
Only a third?...(Dogtrax,17 May)
I'd agree with the not trying to define everything, and also to remember that a meta...(SarahH,17 May)
I think Angela doesn't really even know what she meant with that quote but I have ...(Angela B,17 May)
It did seem a bit specific but if your community was 100% imaginary....into a diff...(Angela B,17 May)
Yes. :) Children do this for a reason, not loneliness but development of intellect...(Angela B,17 May)
Archetypal members of community - wisdom - inner voice - folk tales - what would m...(Angela B,17 May)
Thanks, Angela, for the reference to Martin Shaw. I am not familiar with hi...(Charlene Doland,17 May)
I wonder if children do this not only to develop cerebral intellect, but al...(Charlene Doland,17 May)
Yes I've been drowning in all the metaphors this week....but still keep coming ...(Wendy Taleo,19 May)

Viplav Baxi's Meanderings:

'#rhizo15 Week 5 Communities are the same'

  by Viplav Baxi on 19 May 2015
Dave Cormier asks many interesting questions in his challenge for Week 5 of Rhizomatic Learning. He asks: This week take a critical look ...I wrote this to you on Twitter, but: How do we differentiate "communiti...(dogtrax,19 May)

She's So Heavy:

'Is Rhizomatic Learning an Invasive Species? You Bet Your Sweet Ass It Is: The Wild vs the Civilized; A Serious Response in 4 parts'

  by Autumm Caines on 17 May 2015
Part 1 – introduction I get the impression that in some interactions around the Internet I have come off as being on the side of answering “No” to the question about if rhizomatic learning is invasive but please be assured that the jury is still out for me. I really am pretty agnostic in most … Continue reading Is Rhizomatic Learning an Invasive Species? You Bet Your Sweet Ass It Is: The Wild vs the Civilized; A Serious Response in 4 parts......Invasives can be all sorts of things. We were new people coming into a small ...(Scott Johnson,17 May)
Thanks for coming by Scott and leaving this thoughtful comment. I like that y...(Autumm Caines,18 May)
So the wiregrass says to the asparagus, "Who you callin' invasive? T...(Jim Stauffer,18 May)
How awesome is this post! Really enjoyed and learned from this systematic (ironic...(Maha Bali,18 May)
Interesting, I was just working on the compost barrel yesterday. The concept ...(Scott Johnson,18 May)
So much does get monetized these days Jim. Your story makes me think of the...(Autumm Caines,19 May)
Maha! I love so much how you embrace life at every turn. I'm still work...(Autumm Caines,19 May)
Hi Scott, I have that same love/hate relationship with those compost barrels...(Autumm Caines,19 May)


'#Rhizo15: balancing cohesion and openness in communities'

  by Daniel Clark on 17 May 2015
So Dave Cormier is now getting us to think about “the dark side of the rhizome”, and whether it is invasive and smothers other possibilities. To add further provocation, he notes that the volumes of tweets relating to #rhizo15 is … Continue reading ......Any open online community faces the same challenges you outline here -- the initial...(dogtrax,17 May)
Yes, I do feel this is an area where some external facilitation is helpful....(Daniel Clark,18 May)
This is a great post Daniel - and one that I can easily relate to. Thank you ...(jennymackness,18 May)
Definitely another paradox. There is no question that communities achieve most...(Daniel Clark,18 May)


'Farewell to #hpj101'

  by NomadWarMachine on 18 May 2015
Over the last few days I’ve been participating in a short course in collaborative peer editing run by Hybrid Pedagogy. It’s b...Yeah!...(dogtrax,18 May)
Super duper awesome!...(Susan,18 May)

Rebecca J. Hogue:

'Are we an invasive species? #rhizo15'

  by Rebecca - @rjhogue on 17 May 2015
In this weeks Rhizo15 course, Dave Cormier asks us “Are we an invasive species?” In this, he is asking if the way we have lea...I'm mainly a consumer of Rhizo 14 & 15. Not quite a lurker, more of ...(Jim Stauffer,18 May)

OU Digital Tools:

'UPDATED: Rhizo15 combination feed - more blogs added!'

  by Laura Gibbs on 16 May 2015
I've synched my RSS combo feed for Rhizo15 with the blog post list at Lenandlar's blog. I found a few new blogs to add as a result...Thank you so much for being so thorough and caring about each blog. It is so ...(Susan Watson,17 May)
Thanks, Susan - but like I was saying to Kevin somewhere else (G+? Twitter?), i...(Laura Gibbs,17 May)

Espace Sisyphe:

'You made me do it!'

  by teresamac on 16 May 2015
I finally got a moment this morning to return to #rhizo15 just as it is coming to an end. I read blog posts from Maha Bali and Maren Deep...Hey Teresa - I totally get that - the staying up late for those valuable connecti...(Maha Bali,17 May)

We Are The Curriculum:

'#Rizo15 / From Connections to the Classroom Part II'

  by Ron Samul on 16 May 2015
A few weeks ago, I selected a few students in my college research writing class to venture out into a rhizome type of adventure. These st...Ron Samul I really enjoyed your post. I like this quote: "They ha...(Gerald Ardito,16 May)