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Health and Life Sciences

  • AcademicInfo (US), Zoology Gateway - Primate Studies, Genome Projects, Societies & Organizations; See Also; Agriculture, Biodiversity, Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies, Genetics, Museum Studies
  • AmphibiaWeb - information on amphibian declines, natural history, conservation, and taxonomy
  • BioEd Online - online educational resource for educators, students, and parents; utilizes state-of-the-art technology to give instant access to information and educational tools for biology and related subjects
  • Biology Online - free resource for biology related information run by enthusiasts; Blog, Forum, Dictionary, Articles, Tutorials, Books, Directory, share your work
  • CELLS alive! - film & computer-enhanced images of living cells & organisms for education & medical research
  • Illinois University (US), Resources for Biologists - selected reference and other works to support biologists scholarly and career needs
  • Indiana University Libraries - Biology; about; resource suggestions; E-journals List
  • Kent University, Biosciences subject guide - articles, books, resources
  • Neurosciences on the Internet (US) - best neuroscience resources on the Web; original neuroscience content not available elsewhere
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