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Updating iBerry

The following notes comment on our current progress in updating iBerry and our intentions regarding future development. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
  1. Current progress - iBerry is still being updated - it's proving to be a lengthy process! Some links may be inconsistent or unavailable at present but the main menus should now be valid.
  2. Community - We believe that self-directed learners learn most effectively as part of a community of learners. We will encourage learners to interact and contribute in forums and open courses such as MOOCS.
  3. Creating self-learners - How do you become a self-directed learner with the self-confidence and motivation to take charge of your own learning? In these days of 'fake news', 'filter bubbles' and 'echo chambers', the need for critical thinking is crucially important. We hope to provide some guidance but this is a difficult issue - suggestions welcome!
  4. Site Title - This is now, 'iBerry, Connecting the world's learners', and reflects our new focus on learner support.
  5. Finance - Because of iBerry's updating last year our (modest!) funds earmarked for learner support in 2017 have not been allocated. Enquiries are still welcome. Our last grant was to Kiron Open Higher Education, a non-governmental organization (NGO), and provided scholarship support for a Syrian refugee based in Germany but we are open to any type of application for learner support.
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