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Physics - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Theoretical Physics (by Gerard 't Hooft)

Utrecht University (NL)

Gerard ’t Hooft, Professor Theoretical Physics - home page. This is a 'must read' for any aspiring physicist!

Free Physics Instructional Software

Notre Dame University (US)

downloads: animated chalkboard (motion, energy, relativity, optics, various), energy management simulators, photo-realistic laboratory simulations

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

standard model of particle physics, including both its conceptual foundations & its specific structure, some current research frontiers: study materials

Vibrations and Waves Problem Solving

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

mechanical vibrations and waves, electromagnetic waves, and optics; provide step-by-step solutions to sample problems


Physics Help Tutorials

Launceston College (AU)

2D momentum, transformer, photonic devices, spectra, Newton's laws, waves, hydrogen, weight, refraction, cornering, standing waves, gravity, hydrogen, quantum theory, 2D standing waves, nucleus, electrostatics, radiation, mass & energy, magnetism, polarization, emissions, diffraction, blackbody radiation, quark, induction, photo-electric, AC generator, X-rays, decay, Lenz's law, Compton effect, relativity

Visual Quantum Mechanics

Kansas State University (US)

instructional materials on quantum physics, each set of teaching-learning materials integrates interactive visualizations with inexpensive materials and written documents in an activity-based environment: software, publications

Physics Tutorials

Guelph University (CA)

Remedial (Dimensional Analysis, Graphing Oscillating Fns, Trigonometry, Graphing Simple Fns, Log Paper, Logarithms, Algebra, Vectors, Unit Conversions, Significant digits), Tutorials (Torque and Rotational Motion, DC Circuits, Free-Body Diagrams, Exponential Growth & Decay, Simple Harmonic Motion), Biophysics Tutor

Fundamentals of Physics I

Yale University (US)

principles and methods of physics, emphasis on problem solving and quantitative reasoning: Newtonian Mechanics, Vectors in Multiple Dimensions, Newton's Laws of Motion, Inclined Planes, Conservation of Energy, Kepler's Laws, Dynamics of a Multiple-Body System and Conservation of Momentum, Rotations, Dynamics of Rigid Bodies, Parallel Axis Theorem, Torque, Relativity, Lorentz Transformation, Four-Vector, Taylor Series, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves, Fluid Dynamics, Statics, Bernoulli's Equation, Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics, Carnot's Engine, Entropy


Relativity Tutorial

California University (US)

relativity (Galilean, special, general), radar, time dilation, equivalence principle, curved space-time, Light cones

General Relativity

Chicago University (US)

manifolds, Riemannian geometry, Einstein's equations and three applications: gravitational radiation, black holes and cosmology

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