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Education Resources

  • Academic Info (US) - general information on getting started with online education; gateway to all things academia related
  • Applied Math and Science Education Repository (AMSER) (US) - educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use: resources (Arts, Educational Technology, Foreign Languages, Health, Language Arts, Maths, Philosophy, Physical Education, Religion, Science, Social studies, Vocational Education), bulletins
  • Cornell University (US), arXiv.org - electronic archive and distribution server for research articles, Covered areas include physics, mathematics, computer science, nonlinear sciences, quantitative biology and statistics, Authors can submit papers & update if they choose
  • Digital Scholarship (US) - information and commentary about digital copyright, digital curation, digital repository, open access, research data management, scholarly communication; other digital information issues
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (SE) - covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals (over 4500), all subjects and languages: FAQ, News, Links, Sponsors, Long term archiving, Membership
  • EBSCO Information Services, Open Science Directory (UK) - Search tool for open access journals and journals in special programs for developing countries: Journal Collections & Titles, Subjects, Search, Links
  • GradSchoolTips (US) - benefits and challenges of attending grad school, how to pick right school, options for financing: Your School, Deciding, Right For You, Tips For Getting In, Paying & Financing, Campus Tour, Recommendations, Interview, Application Essay, Types of Essays, Exams
  • International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) (US) - resource for financial aid, college scholarship, grant information for international students wishing to study abroad: Scholarship Search, Resources & Links, Message Board, Student Blog
  • L-Soft, Official Catalog of LISTSERV lists - browse over 50,000 public listserv lists on the internet, search for mailing lists of interest, info about listserv host sites: list information, site info, info for list owners (provide descriptions, list owner's guide, check mailing lists)
  • Martindale's The Reference Desk (US) - Language, Internet, Business, Economics, Computers, Copyright, Patents, Cryptography, Steganography, Cars, Aircraft, Yachts, Education, Electronic Media, Entertainment, Arts, Fashion, Food, Flight School, Gardening, Botany, Home, Livestock, Music, Photography, Film, TV, Maritime, Maps, Travel, Science, Calculators, Maths, Agriculture, Archaeology-Paleontology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Entomology, Mycology, Mushrooms, Geoscience, Materials, Physics, Health
  • PhinisheD (US) - provides a non-threatening and supportive online environment for dissertation and thesis writers and others struggling in academia: FAQs, Phame, Phorum, Daily, Phinally!
  • Public Library of Science (PLOS) - scientific ideas, results and discoveries are a public good; Open Access publisher; goal to effectively communicate trustworthy work as quickly and as broadly as possible
  • Tulane University (US) - research guides (more than 60 subjects)
  • Wikipedia, Free-content Encyclopedia - free encyclopedia that anyone can edit: Arts, Biography, Geography, History, Mathematics, Science, Society, Technology, All portals
  • WWW Virtual Library - run by loose confederation of volunteers compiling pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert: agriculture, arts, business & economics, computer science, communications & media, education, engineering, humanities, info & libraries, international affairs, law, natural sciences and mathematics, recreation, regional studies, social & behavioural sciences, society
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