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Computer Science and IT

Computer Science and IT (general) - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Data Structures and Algorithms

New South Wales University (AU)

Principles of Algorithm Analysis, Reasoning about algorithm, ADTS, Graphs


Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

New Mexico University (US)

formal mathematical concepts of computer science, elementary logic, set theory, relations, deduction, induction, algorithmic processes, graph theory, models of computation

Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

central ideas of theoretical computer science, vision of "computer science beyond computers", Euclid's algorithm, ancient examples of computational thinking, propositional logic, Turing machines and computability, finite automata, Godel's theorems, efficient algorithms, NP-completeness, the P versus NP problem, decision trees and other concrete computational models, power of randomness, cryptography, one-way functions, computational theories of learning, interactive proofs, quantum computing, physical limits of computation

Introduction to Computer Science | Programming Abstractions

Stanford University (US)

Abstraction and its relation to programming, Software engineering principles of data abstraction and modularity, Object-oriented programming, fundamental data structures and data-directed design, Recursion and recursive data structures, time and space complexity analysis, C++ basic facilities: handouts

Computers and computer systems

Open University (UK), LearningSpace

computers through examples of processors in kitchen scales and digital cameras: Computers and processors, systems, Representing data and instructions inside a computer, Examples of computers, A look to the future, Computer programs

Machine Learning

Stanford University (US)

machine learning and statistical pattern recognition, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, learning theory, reinforcement learning and adaptive control, recent applications of machine learning such as to robotic control, data mining, autonomous navigation, bioinformatics, speech recognition and text and web data processing


Information Technology Essentials

MIT (US), OpenCourseware

broad coverage of technology concepts and trends, fundamental principles for effective use of computer-based information systems, special emphasis on networks and distributed computing including the WWW: hardware and operating systems, software development tools and processes, relational databases, security and cryptography, enterprise applications, electronic commerce

An Introduction to Data and Information

Open University (UK), OpenLearn

what a web browser is and how to use one, use of search engines to find information more effectively, how data is transformed into information and relates the topics of data and information to the computer

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