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Computer Science and IT

Computers (multidisciplinary) - Open Courseware (OCW)

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Foundations of Algorithms and Computational Techniques in Systems Biology

MIT OpenCourseWare (US)

describes and illustrates computational approaches to solving problems in systems biology, series of case-studies explored that demonstrate how an effective match between statement of a biological problem and selection of appropriate algorithm or computational technique can lead to fundamental advances, covering several discrete and numerical algorithms used in simulation, feature extraction, and optimization for molecular, network, and systems models in biology [Chinese version available]

Computing for Biomedical Scientists

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

abstraction as mechanism for problem decomposition & solution formulation, computer representation, storage, retrieval, and manipulation, programming paradigm choice on problem-solving approaches, data structures & algorithms, knowledge representation schemes, principles of data modeling for efficient storage & retrieval: projects, related resources

Medical Computing

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

medical science and practice in age of automation & genome, analysis of computational needs of clinical medicine, approaches used to support those needs, examination of new technologies: readings, projects

Genomics and Computational Biology

MIT (US), OpenCourseWare

relationships among sequence, structure & function in complex biological networks, realistic modeling of quantitative, comprehensive, functional genomics analyses, exercises (algorithmic, statistical, database, & simulation approaches & practical applications to medicine, biotechnology, drug discovery, genetic engineering), future opportunities & current limitations: readings, projects, study materials

Software & Web Projects

New Mexico University (US)

Java simulations: nonEuclid (Interactive Java software for creating ruler & compass constructions), paper-folding-fractals (Java software & HTML documentation), DFIELD & PPLANE (interactive tools for differential equations), CrystalLab (exploring interaction of light, crystals, & water droplets)

Managing the Digital Enterprise

North Carolina State University (US)

surveys opportunities & challenges managers face in increasingly digital world: how to (design virtual user friendly business processes, measure performance & effectiveness, understand business models, avoid channel conflict & exploit synergy, foster trust in computer-mediated intereaction, manage digital enterprise, protect digital IP, operate ethically), how markets change, automating business processes

Multivariable Calculus

California University (US)

Java applets (Graphing along the x or y-axis, Intoduction to Integration, Riemann Sums, Simpson's Rule, Integration, The Chain Rule, Visualizing Vector Fields for First Order Differential Equations, Graphing Parametric Curves, Graphing Polar Curves, Matrix Utility, Polynomial Interpolation, Divided Differences), calculus problems & solutions

Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering

MIT (US), OpenCourseware

focuses on use of modern computational & math, linear systems as basic computational unit in scientific computing, methods for solving sets of nonlinear algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations, differential-algebraic (DAE) systems, probability in physical modeling, statistical analysis of data & parameter estimation, finite difference & finite element techniques for converting partial differential equations: syllabus, readings, tools

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YouTube video by fractalzooms

Fractal Zoom (HD) to 6.066 e228 (2^760) Mandelbrot - (Last Lights On)


Machine Learning

Buffalo University (US)

theory, principles and algorithms for machine learning, methods based on statistics and probability now essential to designing systems exhibiting artificial intelligence, emphasizes Bayesian techniques feasible with increased computational power

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