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Learner Support

A resource page devoted to MOOCs ......

For basic information on MOOCs including the differences between Connectivist MOOCs (cMOOCs) and xMOOCs see 'What you can do on a MOOC' (Question and Answer)

See also unsorted links on delicious for further information including very recent links.

(MOOCow - - Based on 'la vaca de los sinvaca' by Jose Bogado)
What is termed a 'MOOC' can vary considerably - this is iBerry's definition:

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC):

  • - is open to all with unrestricted access to content (usually some registration and login procedure is required).
  • - is essentially free of charge (charges for optional certification, expert assessment etc may apply).
  • - provides for significant interaction between participants (often via online discussion forums but possibly blogs, social media etc).
  • - has definite start and end dates and is sequenced so that participants study the course elements together.

Listing of MOOC Providers and Course Listings

The following list covers the main MOOC platforms such as Coursera and FutureLearn where complete listings of courses supported by these platforms can be found. The list also covers other sites such as Class Central and MOOCtivity that provide lists and search facilities for just about any type of MOOC. There are also a number of sites that fall in between these categories providing information about online courses that, unlike MOOCs, may not be free or maybe termed 'self-paced' so there is no formal start and end to the course and participants do not tackle course material together and at the same time. iBerry attempts to keep these lists up-to-date but no responsibility is accepted for the content or reliability of external sites. Learners should always make their own checks before entering into any commitment. Wikipedia articles can provide useful independent information and links are provided below if they are available.

Other MOOC Resources and Information

See also: unsorted links on delicious

Yet More MOOCs !

  • As a public service Alan Levine has created a new web tool that "via new biometric code sensors, reads the aura of your interests, and generates the name and hashtag for your new MOOC." Try out the new MOOC Shaker!
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