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Learner Support

Organized Access to OCW and OER

These are mainly commercial and some other sites providing free access and organization of primary OCW sources and possibly services such as learner's progress tracking. Sign-up may be required and advertising is likely.

Open Courseware FAQ

  • What is Open Courseware (OCW)?

    "Courseware" implies any type of "knowledge product" associated with the delivery of a lecture course or program of study. Digitised material such as lecture notes, handouts, slides, tutorial material, exam questions, quizzes, videos and demonstrations are all typical examples. "Open Courseware" is courseware that has been made publicly available, free of charge, by the author to any user with web access anywhere in the world. To find out more about OCW take a look at some of the prime websites in this section of the iBerry Open Education Directory.

  • As a self-learner, can I use Open Courseware to construct my own program of study?

    Yes of course you can but don't make the mistake of confusing courseware with a complete 'traditional' course. The latter is a total educational experience that includes courseware among many other value adding features such as expert tuition, feedback, assessment and interaction with fellow students so decide for yourself how to benefit from Open Courseware. By all means construct your own programs of study but don't expect support from the authors and institutions that publish the courseware. At a more introductory level, you may simply wish to browse through a range of "taster" material before deciding to enrol in a formal program of studies at an institution.

  • As a student, is Open Courseware relevant if I'm already following a course of study?

    Very much so! You can find a wealth of information to complement and supplement your education. Remarkable and fascinating material is freely available covering most subject areas - animations, videoed live lectures by renowned experts, fully illustrated lecture notes etc etc. The learning process can only benefit from different approaches and interpretations, at least some of which may be suited to your own educational background.

  • What is the role of iBerry in compiling the Open Education Directory?

    Education and discovery are best advanced when knowledge is shared openly and freely. Open Educational Resources have much potential for self-directed networked learning and the widespread exchange of ideas and informed discussion. We are attempting to provide free and up-to-date information originating Universities, Colleges and other repositories all over the world and covering all academic subject areas.

  • Any further questions? - Please contact us!

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