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Social Sciences

  About Social Sciences  
Brief introductions
Based on Wikipedia

Soomo Publishing's "Animated Introduction to Social Science" defines the broad-spectrum discipline of social science.

Some of the terms used in Social Sciences - click on any one above to Google it.     tagxedo.com

  Social Sciences - Open Textbooks  
Links to open access (free) textbooks.
  • Wikibooks - the open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit: Social sciences, academic disciplines concerned with the study of the social life of human groups and individuals
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Links to Listings of Open Textbooks (all subject areas)

  Social Sciences - Support for Learners  
Sites that actively support learners - eg learner communities, forums, expert help etc

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

  Social Sciences - Best resource sites  
iBerry's choice - recommendations welcome!

  • American Anthropological Association (US), Anthropology Resources on the Internet - Associations, Institutions, Directory of Resources, E-books, Grants, Research & Study, Fieldwork, Fellowships, Guides, Linguistics, Native American Studies, Selected Interest Areas, Web Directories
  • Amsterdam University (NL), SocioSite - access to info & resources relevant for sociologists & other social scientists: subject areas (sociologists, courses, journals, libraries, data archives, language), depts (universities, research centers, associations, institutions, publishers, bookstores, weblogs), newsgroups (newsletters, mailing lists, search tools, who's where, what's new, newspapers, funny science)
  • WWW Virtual Library - Social and Behavioural Sciences
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