Eco-anxiety - and what to do about it.
Eco-anxiety is anxiety about ecological disasters such as the extinction of species or threats to the natural environment like pollution and climate change. It is a real, natural and a perfectly healthy human reaction. Accepting and managing the feelings that come with it can pose problems but there is plenty help and support available - we have only begun to post relevant links below!

Note: Much of what can be said about eco-anxiety also applies to anxieties about the pandemic.

Eco-anxiety is not uncommon but has received much less attention than many of the physical issues that dominate the news such as renewable energy or flood defences. In a recent survey (BBC newsround) about 3 out of 4 young people said they worried about the state of the planet right now, including some who were very young and very worried. This is not necessarily a bad thing! For obvious reasons they will bear the brunt of the crisis but given the right help and support, they will learn to manage their fears and meet the challenges ahead with a positive and constructive attitude.

Eco-anxious? You are not alone. Two activists discuss eco-anxieties, including their own.

There is much more to be added here and iBerry will continue to do so as we learn more about eco-anxiety. One most important things so far is -

if eco-anxiety is becoming a problem, seek help! Depending on your circumstances, talking to friends, teachers, parents, workmates, therapists can make a big difference - don't keep it all to yourself!

iBerry has little experience in this area so comments and suggestions are very welcome. In particular, we would like to hear from anyone with eco-anxiety, however mild or severe and how they deal with it.

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Finally for now, 'How I Cope with Climate Grief, as a Climate Writer' is a very honest and revealing account of how one person manages their anxiety.

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