Green Jobs - and what to do about them.
Green jobs center around the skills needed to adapt products and services to climate change and related environmental requirements and regulations. There is a growing demand for Green skills in all sectors and at all levels as we tackle Climate Change and other environmental threats. If we don't, there will be no jobs left on a dead planet!

We have been surprised at the number of green jobs on offer, either by specialist sites or in the green sections of general sites. The green job listings here (Job-search) are a first attempt to bring together some useful links to reliable sites. There are also links to sites (Job-seeker Support) that spell out in some detail what green jobs are all about.

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Warning! Some sites aimed at job seekers seem more concerned with pointing customers at their advertisers than offering unbiased advice - beware! The listings here are not meant to be comprehensive but hopefully represent some of the better sites offering genuine services of interest to green job seekers anywhere on the globe - feedback is welcome!

Job-seeker Support

  • Yale Climate Connections: ask Sara - 'How do I start a new career in a green job?'
  • Green job, Wikipedia - descriptions, discussion of green jobs or green-collared jobs by role, country, policy etc
  • Best College Reviews - Descriptions of 5 "High-Paying Green Jobs": Environmental Scientist, Hydrologist, Environmental Engineer, Meteorologist, Environmental Lawyer.
  • Greener Skills and Jobs - OECD Green Growth Studies pdf on skills needed to adapt products, services and processes to climate change and related environmental requirements and regulations
  • Chron - Examples of Green Jobs; producing environmentally friendly goods and services, implementing and evaluating sustainable business practices or systems
  • Green Jobs - UN Environment pdf Document - Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World

Job Search

  • GreenJobs - UK jobs under huge number of different categories.
  • Green Jobs Online - covering Environmental and Renewable Energy jobs across all industry sectors
  • Guardian Environment Jobs - jobs (mainly UK) in sustainability, recycling & waste management, environmental management, climate change etc.
  • RenewableEnergyJobs - specialist website focusing on renewable energy careers in the UK and globally
  • Green Jobs Network - global community of professionals dedicated to environmental and social impact. Find or post for jobs
  • EnergyJobline - renewable energy jobs worldwide, focus on latest solar jobs, wind jobs, biomass and hydro jobs
  • environment jobs - lists UK green jobs in Wildlife, Ecology, Sustainability, Nature & Conservation, Climate Change, Marine Management
  • Learn How to Become - A Guide to Green Careers, find a university in the United States

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