Green Jobs - and what to do about them.

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Green jobs center around the skills needed to adapt products and services to climate change and related environmental requirements and regulations. There is a growing demand for Green skills in all sectors and at all levels as we tackle Climate Change and environmental threats. If we don't - no jobs left on a dead planet!

Green Jobs in the Future
GRID-Arendal - Green Jobs in the Future

A surprising number of green jobs are on offer, either by specialist websites or in the green sections of general websites. The links here under 'Job-seeker Support' point to websites that spell out in detail what green jobs are all about. The green job listings under 'Job-search' bring together some useful links to reliable sites.

Governor Manchin: We want Green Jobs and Healthy Mountains!
Governor Manchin: We want Green Jobs and Healthy Mountains!

Warning! Some sites aimed at job seekers seem more concerned with pointing customers at their advertisers than offering unbiased advice - so beware! The listings here are not meant to be comprehensive but hopefully represent some of the better sites offering genuine services of interest to green job seekers anywhere on the globe - feedback is welcome!

Harnessing natural resources and ecosystems for adaptation

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Job-seeker Support

  • EcoWatch - Solar Education and Job Paths for High School Students.
  • The Demand For Green Skills Is Growing Globally - "With the transition to zero emissions underway, more and more companies will need a workforce with green skills, which will require support across a variety of sectors."
  • How to Find a Job in Sustainability - " ...opportunities to integrate an individual's purpose into a company's environmental and social goals are abundant."
  • Guardian - 'Girls make phenomenal tree climbers': call for recruits to meet UK planting goals.
  • Yale Climate Connections: ask Sara - 'How do I start a new career in a green job?'
  • Green job, Wikipedia - descriptions, discussion of green jobs or green-collared jobs by role, country, policy etc.
  • Best College Reviews - Descriptions of 5 "High-Paying Green Jobs": Environmental Scientist, Hydrologist, Environmental Engineer, Meteorologist, Environmental Lawyer.
  • Greener Skills and Jobs (pdf) - OECD Green Growth Studies pdf on skills needed to adapt products, services and processes to climate change and related environmental requirements and regulations
  • Chron - Examples of Green Jobs; producing environmentally friendly goods and services, implementing and evaluating sustainable business practices or systems
  • Green Jobs - UN Environment pdf Document - Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World
  • World Economic Forum - What are green jobs? 5 questions answered about clean energy careers.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Detroit nonprofit inspires young people to pursue environmental careers.
  • EcoWatch - A Guide to Solar Jobs for the Previously Incarcerated
  • CleanTechnica - Green Jobs Are Flourishing & Winning Over The Hearts Of Conservative Workers.
  • EcoWatch - Solar Education and Job Paths for High School Students.
  • State of the Planet - Summer 2023 Internships at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment [Updated].
  • Terra.do - Work in climate, learn from top climate experts & land perfect climate job.
  • Blue&green tomorrow - What Skills Do You Need to Succeed as an Environmental Lawyer?
  • EcoWatch - A Low-Carbon Chemical Industry Could Create 29 Million Jobs, Study Finds


  • Green Jobs Network - Global community of professionals dedicated to environmental and social impact. Find or post for jobs.
  • Indeed - 20 Green Careers for the Environmentally Conscious.
  • CIEEM - Professional membership body representing and supporting ecologists and environmental managers.
  • GreenJobs - UK jobs under huge number of different categories.
  • Guardian Environment Jobs - Jobs (mainly UK) in sustainability, recycling & waste management, environmental management, climate change etc.
  • RenewableEnergyJobs - Focusing on renewable energy careers.
  • EnergyJobline - Renewable energy jobs worldwide, solar jobs, wind jobs, biomass, hydro jobs.
  • Environment jobs - Green jobs in Wildlife, Ecology, Sustainability, Nature & Conservation, Climate Change, Marine Management.
  • Learn How to Become - A Guide to Green Careers, find a university in the United States.