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  • State of the Planet, 2023 Climate Resolutions: How Will You Make a Difference Next Year?

  • Happy New Year! Here we are as 2022 ends but can we look forward to 2023? The science may be clear and 'climate denial' is on the wane but many people have yet to accept the climate emergency for what it is - a real emergency. How can so many people from different walks of life, beliefs and levels of prosperity be persuaded to act positively and cooperatively before it's too late? iBerry doesn't have all the answers but open discussion, education and bringing 'ordinary' people together must play an important part. How can we help? - suggestions please!

  • So many animal and plant species could go extinct this century and the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) (7 - 19 December) has struggled to reach agreements. Scans for blogs commenting on COP17 are available on the COP page of the iBerry Hub.

  • BBC News - Biodiversity: What is a mass extinction and are we causing one? 'Five times in our planet's history, adverse conditions have extinguished most of life.'

  • The probabilities of extreme climate change leading to catastrophic outcomes for humans such as societal collapse or even extinction may or may not be small but are possibilities that should be examined in detail. A recent National Academy of Sciences paper does just that concluding that It's time for the scientific community to grapple with the challenge of better understanding catastrophic climate change. iBerry agrees. Evidently temperatures of more than 2 degC above preindustrial values were last sustained on Earth more than 2.6 million years ago, so who knows? Of course we live in hope but recent events suggest that preparing for the worst is a sensible strategy that must not be overlooked in the short term.

  • COP27: Prioritise climate or face catastrophe - UN chief - The UN Secretary General speaks to BBC ahead of nations meeting for major climate conference COP27

  • Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios - "Prudent risk management requires consideration of bad-to-worst-case scenarios."

  • The Guardian - July 18 Humanity faces 'collective suicide' over climate crisis, warns UN chief.....'half of humanity is in danger zone', as countries battle extreme heat.

  • Following pressure by activists Barcelona students will take a mandatory climate crisis module from 2024. Why should universities wait for pressure to be applied before doing this?

  • The Kids are not OK. This hard-hitting article by Julia Steinberger underlines the frustration felt by kids with 'adults' who do nothing about the climate crisis.

  • From the Met Office

  • Horrified as politicians argue about economic growth while the Climate Emergency takes a back seat. How can economic growth be sustainable? Are we missing something? Will someone please contact us and explain?

  • We would like more feedback from our visitors and also more contributions. iBerry makes modest payments/donations for interesting articles/comment on any aspect of Climate Change and the environment - contact us

  • iBerry never asks for donations but we do have some funds that can be occasionally used to support good causes, special events, charities etc - contact us.

  • iBerry focused first on basic science and we continue to provide informative links . Then we realized that whereas the science is clear the real problem is people. Now we're convinced that deep and rapid societal changes are needed if sustainable living is to be achieved for human populations. Is an ecological civilization a realistic possibility? Maybe we can find out with your help - contact us.

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Feb 7 2023 - A new Portal page, complementing ACTION! - Where do we go from here? is now under construction - Unsorted Links

Jan 29 2023 - Why don't some people take climate change seriously? We asked ChatGPT for a contribution; impressive use of artificial intelligence!

Jan 25 2023 - Updated Room 3 in the Portal. Now has almost 50 recent links, mainly on the basic science.

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Nov 14 2022 - Added Interactive Graphs Page. Compare temperature anomaly to historical carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide levels - see for yourself!

Oct 27 2022 - COP27 posts are being collected here . We'll keep adding the latest ones as they are published.

Oct 22 2022 - iBerry's Open Directory now redesigned as 'iBerry Portal', Gateway to Climate Change and the Environment. Comments?

Sep 24 2022 - Environmental Education for a Better Earth (EEFABE) is a nonprofit in Cameroon hoping to train 18 climate action volunteers as facilitators for climate change education in schools. Funding is urgently required. See also EEFABE article on Climate Change Education in Cameroon.

Aug 20 2022 - ACTION! - Where do we go from here? This page has been updated. What action should be taken and what will it achieve? Your comments and suggestions are very welcome - Contact us.

Jul 20 2022 - Revised page on Job-seeker Support & job search listings. Also revised, for young people of all ages (ie: 9-99 yrs), Mainly for Young People and in the Climate Change and Environment Directory, see Young People

Jul 7 2022 - Page completed about Indigenous Peoples and their values. Relevance for climate change, the environment and sustainable lifestyles.

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UN Secretary General at the 2023 World Economic Forum, focus on climate change in today's worst perfect world storm.

'We Are Still Failing Badly': Al Gore Delivers Fiery Remarks On Climate Change Dangers