Climate Change - and what to do about it.

Learning More about Climate Change

Here are some links from trusted sources to introductory and well-presented material on climate change. They could be of particular interest to online educators, those at home holding the baby (literally?) and parents grappling with home education.

Children don't take kindly to education pushed down their throats - let them discover as much as possible for themselves. Also for adults, if you're busy or bored, perhaps with some understanding of climate change but wanting to fill in gaps in your knowledge, please do not scorn good information aimed at kids!


ClimateKids is aimed at kids but could be ideal for anyone looking for quick basic knowledge. Just follow any of the main headings that are of interest. There's a wealth of information including games, activities, videos and resources for educators:

ClimateKids is produced by the Earth Science Communications Team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology.

Young People's Trust for the Environment (YPTE)

YPTE aims to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability. It promotes awareness of climate change, wildlife, pollution, rainforests and wetlands, desert regions and misuse of the oceans.

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

C2ES is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to forge practical solutions to climate change. Its mission is to advance strong policy and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy, and strengthen resilience to climate impacts. Climate Basics includes Climate Classroom:

C2ES is the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

Here's an excellent example of a community-centered action plan.

City of Boulder's Climate Mobilization Action Plan (CMAP)

CMAP Overview

"This community-centered process will result in a new climate strategy in response to renewed climate urgency. This strategy is called the Climate Mobilization Action Plan, or CMAP. Fully addressing climate change will require immediate, system-scale action to create an equitable future, rapidly reduce emissions and accelerate technological innovation. The city sees equity and resilience as core considerations of climate programs and policies":

Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ)

  • Is iBerry ignorant about Climate Change?

    Emphatically YES! - glad you can tell. We're still grappling with the basics. Help!

  • Why isn't iBerry handing down expert opinion and instructing the ignorant masses who can't think for themselves?

    But people can and do think for themselves! Rather than instruct we prefer to combat ignorance by learning about Climate Change from respected sources with the masses.

  • Are electric cars preferable to public transport?

    Both use steel and steelmaking produces carbon dioxide but current electric cars require tonnes of lithium for batteries and carry fewer passengers. Where does the balance lie? We'd like to know!

    Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) diagram

  • Coronavirus is forcing societies to change like never before. A practice run for the Climate Change Emergency - a 'silver lining' perhaps?

    Dreadful as it is, coronavirus may well pave the way for beneficial and lasting changes to societies, such as more people working from home rather than travelling and greater community awareness and cohesion.

Our Planet Matters

Climate change explained - 'It's been linked to a year of extremes - from bushfires to torrential rains - but what is it?' Video and more from the BBC on Our Planet Matters.

When Greta Thunberg met Sir David Attenborough

The teenage activist and veteran naturalist talk to each other for the first time via Skype (BBC)

Climate Change: How Do We Know?

Compelling scientific evidence for climate change from NASA - facts and more facts.

Climate change: evidence and causes

Answers to key questions from the Royal Society. Also, 'Climate Change in 60 seconds' video.

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