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Climate Change and the Environment
What to do about it ?
The climate is changing far too quickly and humans are mainly to blame.

Find out for yourself. The basics are easily grasped whether you're 9 . . . . . or 99 !

Quite a lot !

One of the first things is to take an interest in Climate Change and the Environment. Is Climate Change really the mother of all emergencies affecting the future of every living thing on Earth including ourselves?

Not convinced?   See here . . . . .

Still not convinced? The iBerry Hub scans and links to about 40 reliable blogs and articles every day, covering climate change and environmental issues. See also up to 100 recent links chosen under 16 different headings in the iBerry Portal. Read all about it and in your own language!

Flooding in Thailand (Wikimedia Commons)

About iBerry

iBerry was founded in 1999 and is now focused on Open Education for Climate Change and the Environment.

Hope for the best but . . . . . prepare for the worst!

Older material providing information on Open Educational Resources (OERs), Open Courseware (OCW), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Open (free) Textbooks and an Open Education Directory has been archived but is not updated.

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