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Climate Change and the Environment
What to do about it ?
The climate is changing far too quickly and humans are mainly to blame.

Find out for yourself. The basics are easily grasped whether you're 9 . . . . . or 99 !

Quite a lot !

Is Climate Change really the mother of all emergencies affecting the future of every living thing on Earth including ourselves?

Not convinced?   See here . . . . .

What can iBerry do about it?

iBerry was founded in 1999 and is now focused on Open Education for Climate Change and the Environment and the role of education in creating informed opinion.

iBerry is strictly non-profit, is self-funded and not affiliated with any other body or institution. iBerry has no commercial interests or advertising and no hidden agenda. We rely on volunteers and help from our visitors. Please help us! iBerry does not ask for donations but contributes to worthy causes - contact iBerry.

Hope for the best but . . . . . prepare for the worst!

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