Climate Change - and what to do about it.

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The first thing you can do about climate change is to take an interest in it - learn something!

You may be 9 or 99 years old but the basics are easily grasped, even by busy people with little knowledge of science or time for study - you could try 'Climate Change in a Nutshell' below. The bottom line is that just about every expert who knows anything about the world's climate agrees that it is changing far too quickly and that humans are mainly responsible.

The global warming that causes real concern is a direct result of burning coal and other fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the air. The effects are becoming only too familiar and can be expected to continue - wildfires, floods, hurricanes, extreme heat waves, longer periods of drought, increase in tropical storms, not to mention the effect on wildlife and the environment.

(Illustration from Climageddon book)

Climate Change? What about Climate of Opinion? - Climate Change may be imminent and severe and it's likely that drastic solutions aimed at the greater good, will bring economic and political problems. A climate of informed opinion is necessary so that people are encouraged to accept and adapt to lifestyle changes in a positive way, as a challenge rather than as an unwelcome imposition by the powers that be.

iBerry is not qualified to debate the details of Climate Change science. Many other websites do this very well and we will link to them but we intend to focus on basic and Open Education by bringing together in one place information and links serving anyone wishing to find readily understandable material on various aspects of Climate Change.

Iberry on Climate Change is a project in the making. Further discussion and plans are ongoing and as always, we welcome comments and suggestions from our visitors. Anyone, anywhere who would like to help, or simply register an interest, is welcome to contact us.

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What's New about iBerry? - Most everything here is new to iBerry following our launch and focus on Climate Change only a few weeks ago. Our intention is to learn something about the basics of Climate Change along with our visitors. We have learned a little about quite a lot in developing this website!

iBerry Hub - This new page features recent news and information on Climate Change drawing from blogs and Twitter lists. The 'Collector' is an experimental program, designed by iBerry, that outputs links and some text by scanning Climate Change blog posts. At present about 20 blogs are scanned daily, covering the last 10 days.

Green Jobs - There's a growing demand for Green skills in all sectors and at all levels. Another new page provides links to some of the sites that list Green Jobs, describes what they are and offer advice on how to get them.

9 or 99? You can still learn about Climate Change!

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Alarm bells ringing? - Maybe or maybe not but look at it this way. The science of climate change is complicated and the experts cannot be sure exactly how fast the changes will happen or exactly what the effects will be. But they are convinced that rapid and severe changes in the world's climate are on the way and that in a few years the damage that humans have inflicted on the planet may be impossible to reverse.

In modern life we trust the advice of experts in many things where specialist knowledge of details and procedures is necessary - medical advice is a good example. Let's show the same respect to climate change experts!

Climate Change in a Nutshell

  • The atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding the Earth. Some of the sun's heat is trapped in the atmosphere while the rest escapes. The trapped heat has kept the Earth warm enough for all types of life to survive.

  • The energy required for many human activities relies on fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal but results in the gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), being released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and some other gases in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases.

  • The carbon dioxide released by human activities has trapped additional heat in the Earth's atmosphere causing the planet's temperature to rise. The result is Global Warming and Climate Change.

  • Global warming is causing rapid changes in weather patterns around the world. The effects include rising sea levels, rainfall changes, the expansion of deserts and more frequent extreme weather events such as heat waves.

Of course more can be said about Climate Change than in a nutshell. This video, "CLIMATE 101 with BILL NYE" covers much the same ground but in greater detail.

"Cease the debate and denial and move on to solutions ..."

iBerry's History

iBerry was founded in 1999 in support of Open Education. We provided information about Open Educational Resources (OERs), particularly Open Courseware (OCW), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Open (free) Textbooks and an Open Education Directory linking to freely accessible educational material from all parts of the world.

iBerry continues to support Open Education but is now focused on Climate Change. Previous older material on Open Education has been archived and is accessible but it is no longer being updated. Suggestions for new links are therefore NOT required - THANKS!

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