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The iBerry Portal provides recent open information on climate change and the environment under different informative headings, aimed mainly at non-experts. The links in each Room (page) are selected manually (no AI!), often from the iBerry Hub, and are frequently updated.

The effects of climate change are now becoming obvious and severe for many people. Non-experts need not be too concerned with scientific detail but everyone needs to adapt for changes in lifestyle that will affect different people in different ways and at different times, depending on their location, age and other circumstances. These changes may be drastic and difficult to accept without proper understanding and an ability to participate with others in making informed and balanced decisions.

We hope that everyone can use the iBerry Portal to build on their existing knowledge of Climate Change and the Environment, find new connections and perhaps get help with the sudden emergencies that are likely to become more common.

'Open Information' means that sites hiding under paywalls, logins and with excessive 'clickbait' are avoided. iBerry is strictly non-profit and is not affiliated with any other body or institution. We have no commercial interests or advertising and no hidden agenda. The Portal will continue to be developed - please help us!

Rooms and their Contents

1. Climate Change and Environment blogs - Many are scanned daily and published with links and some text.

2. Young People - Links and some videos for young people of all ages and anyone else interested in good clear info.

3. Climate Change and the Environment - Getting into the basic science and perhaps more? This room is for you.

4. Education - Mainly for teachers and parents with lesson plans, educational games, how to talk about Climate Change etc.

Language Translation

Rooms and their Contents

5. Activist Groups and Organizations - Join up with like-minded people in a group that suits your own preferences and circumstances.

6. Eco-anxiety Support - Anxious about ecological disaster, extinction of species, pollution or climate change?

7. Books and MOOCs - Books, reviews, Open Educational Resources (OERs) , Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs - and the famous MOOCow).

8. Indigenous Values, Traditions, Rights - Knowledge, practices and lifestyles and their relevance to sustainable living in modern times, rights and fights.

9. ACTION! - Eco-friendly links for a sustainable lifestyle in your home, garden or business.

10. Social, economic, environmental and political issues. - Costs of climate change for humanity and the planet.

11. People and their Stories - Tackling the climate emergency in many different ways.

12. UN Climate Change Conferences. - Latest links and information.

13. Green Jobs - Job-seeker support and Job-search.

14. Help and Support. - Useful ideas and possibilities.

15. Upcoming Events - Let us know!

16. Miscellaneous - Commentary, podcasts, videos etc, that may not fit in other Rooms.