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This page links to books, reviews and also freely available Open Educational Resources (OERs) including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs may charge for additional services such as assessment and certificates.

OERs and courses including MOOCs

  • Class Central - Climate Change Courses - online courses and MOOCs from top universities, read reviews
  • Coursera - From Climate Science to Action - Action-oriented MOOC, regional climate change impacts, sector-specific strategies.
  • Coursearena - Climate change courses & tutorials chosen and upvoted by our community.
  • EdX - causes & impact of global warming & greenhouse gasses, climate change & effects of fossil fuels on atmosphere (many courses)
  • FutureLearn - Global warming causes, effects of climate change, learn with expert researchers (11 courses).
  • Insider - 10 online environmental courses and books to help understand climate change better, most free or free to audit
  • My MOOC - MOOC listings, discover all available MOOCs oriented towards the scientific foundations of climate change.
  • OpenLearn - Climate Change (course) is key issue on today's social & political agenda, explores basic science of climate change & global warming.
  • SDG Academy - Educational resources from leading experts on sustainable development (34 MOOCs).
  • UN CC:Learn - Climate Change: From Learning to Action (course) - what climate change is, how it affects you and others, and what can be done.
  • Washtenaw Community College - Open Educational Resources (OERs) - teaching, learning, and research materials in the public domain; Earth, Environmental Science, Weather

Books and Reviews

  • Abhilash Shukla Blog - 15 Climate Change Books to read in 2022 - Readers list 1
  • BookTrust - Eco-warriors and activists, Saving the planet one book at a time
  • BookAuthority - 16 Best New Climate Change Books To Read In 2022
  • ClimateGenn - Author Tom Rosenstiel Discusses New Political Climate Thriller: The Days To Come
  • Deloitte - Recommended reads from leaders and experts to help inspire climate action.
  • Earthwatch - 23 Must-Read Science Books About the Environment, Chosen by Earthwatch Scientists
  • Earth.org - 20 best books on climate change and sustainability in 2022
  • Happy Eco News - Because IPCC!: A Graphic Novel on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Healthyearth.com - Coloring workbook Healthy Earth by Petya Georgieva Miller
  • Independent - Earth Day 2022: Climate scientists and activists recommended reading lists
  • Kate on Conservation - 5 Exciting Connections With Nature Book Updates
  • Kate on Conservation - Connections With Nature: 50 moments of meeting the wild (paperback)
  • Nexus PMG - Essential climate change reading for 2022
  • Penguin - Best books about the climate crisis - and how to fight it
  • Planet Forward - 'Life During Drought:' Illustrated children's book by Sophie Harris
  • Yale Climate Connections - Our Biggest Experiment by Alice Bell: delves into 300 years that changed humanity and the planet.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction by Professor Mark Maslin, review by Donald Wright
  • Yale Climate Connections - An antidote to climate despair: 'How to Save Our Planet: The Facts' by Mark Maslin, review by Donald Wright
  • Yale Climate Connections - New children's book explains systemic nature of climate change.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 12 books for another Earth Day in the warming climate.
  • Yale Climate Connections - New book says Indigenous knowledge is key to fighting climate change
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