Climate Change and the Environment.

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Are there parallels between Climate Change and the Coronavirus emergencies?

  • In both cases catastrophes arrive relatively swiftly.

  • By adopting 'wait and see' policies, most countries failed to recognize unprecedented disaster in good time.

  • Powerful and destitute, rich and poor, anyone can experience some type of loss.

  • Who lives and who dies? Knotty ethical problems are confronted.

  • Many politicians did not see the writing on the long term wall. They pushed for 'business as usual' at all costs.

  • Technology can promote community spirit but it also spreads fake news and damaging conspiracy theories.

  • Family support and connections between generations may be more valued. Many people work from home rather than travel.

  • All types of life may benefit from a quieter and healthier environment with less pollution. More families grow their own fruit and vegetables.
Some of these points may be more 'parallel' than others but there are certainly lessons to be learned for Climate Change and the Environment. Is the virus emergency a wake-up call for humanity? Let us know! - Contact iBerry.

How our responses to climate change and the coronavirus are linked

From World Economic Forum - "We live in an age in which intersecting crises are being lifted to a global scale, with unseen levels of inequality, environmental degradation and climate destabilization, as well as new surges in populism, conflict, economic uncertainty, and mounting public health threats....."

The coronavirus outbreak is part of the climate change crisis

"Therefore, climate action should be central to our response to the COVID-19 pandemic....." AlJazeera's take by Vijay Kolinjivadi.

The Guardian view on the climate and coronavirus: global warnings

"Steep falls in emissions have been the pandemic's immediate effect. But what's needed is a green recovery....." Guardian Editorial

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