Climate Change and the Environment

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Young Activists

The energy, interest and enthusiasm of young people who are actually doing something about climate change and the environment puts many older people to shame, particularly governments with real power who continue to delay significant action. "Business as Usual" is not an option for these young activists. Recent details of some are below. There are many more!

  • Blue and Green Tomorrow - 6 Eco-Friendly Initiatives Students Have Recently Launched.
  • Climatechange.ie - Austrian Youth Take their Government to Court Over 'Ineffective' Climate Policy.
  • Ecologist - Young leaders restoring nature in Wales, youth leadership underway.
  • Extinction Rebellion - Kids call out fossil fuel sponsorship at children's attraction.
  • Global Citizen - These 3 Teen Climate Activists Just Shared Such a Powerful Message at Global Citizen Festival.
  • Guardian - 'Change is possible': meet the Gen-Zers who embrace climate optimism.
  • Guardian - 'What's the alternative? To give up?': Bella Lack, the new queen of green.
  • Guardian - Greta Thunberg on climate delusion: 'We've been greenwashed out of our senses - time to stand our ground'
  • Guardian - Two teenage conservationists find comfort in birdwatching.
  • Guardian - 'It's my calling': Mikaela Loach, rising star of the climate crisis campaign.
  • Guardian - Students occupy schools and universities across Europe in climate protest.
  • Happy Eco News - Putting Words to Action; How Four Young Activists are Demanding Change in Global Energy Policy.
  • Happy Eco News - 25 Finalists Selected in The World Around's Young Climate Prize
  • Mongabay - Kenya's youngest environmental ambassador: Q&A with 10-year-old Karen Kimani
  • One Young World - Global Community for Young Leaders.
  • State of the Planet - 7 Recent Grads Who Earned Awards in Sustainable Development
  • State of the Planet - Student Spotlight: Christine Ow: to work at intersection of water and technology.
  • State of the Planet - Graduating students sharing the same goal of advancing climate change solutions.
  • State of the Planet - Saxon Stahl: Leading on Climate Through Student Governance
  • State of the Planet - Finding Community in New York City's Energy Scene,by energy policy and finance master's student.
  • State of the Planet - Students Spend Spring Break Working on Sustainable Development Projects in Rwanda.
  • World Economic Forum - This young leader is helping farmers connect technology with agriculture.
  • World Economic Forum - Young leaders driving action on nature and climate.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Teens help plant trees for new 'cool corridors' -adding shade trees along busy pedestrian routes.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Q&A with an Idaho teen who ran for school board - and won.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Students push for climate education at medical schools.

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