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Room 4 - Education: Mainly for parents and teachers.

  • Anthropocene - Researchers home in on 5 type of messages that focus people on climate action.
  • Assembly - Vanessa Nakate on how girls' education can help solve the climate crisis.
  • BBC Newsround - Climate anxiety: Survey shows children losing sleep over climate change and environment.
  • BBC News - Children should be taught climate change in more depth and in all subjects.
  • BBC News - Climate change: How to talk to a denier.
  • Blue & Green Tomorrow - How Eco-Friendly Parents Can Properly Monitor Their Children, strive to raise eco-conscious children
  • Climate Stories - We all have a story to tell about climate change
  • Climate Lab Book - Collection of visualisation resources to communicate aspects of weather and climate science.
  • Columbia Climate School - State of the Planet; Climate Change Education Is Failing Our Youth (article).
  • Common Sense Education - Climate Change Resources for Students and Teachers (26 tools).
  • Countryside Classroom - Helps teachers to find resources relating to food, farming and natural environment.
  • Earth Warriors - Climate Education for Young Children,focus on 3-11-year-olds
  • Earth System Models for the future - Database of educational resources around Climate Science based on latest knowledge.
  • EcoWatch - How to talk with kids about climate change, without scaring them [2022 Guide].
  • EcoWatch - Climate Change Resource Guide for Elementary School Teachers (2022).
  • Education International - Quality climate education for all, Manifesto, students have right to gain the knowledge.
  • Facing History - Reflecting on Climate Change and Ecological Grief, mini-Lesson to help students.
  • Grist Magazine - How to talk with your kids about climate anxiety.
  • Guardian - Children can't avoid viral stories about war and climate crisis - but we can help them?
  • Happy Eco News - Encouraging Your Children To Like Healthy Foods, create healthful meals.
  • Happy Eco News - How to Help Students Connect With Nature?
  • Happy Eco News - Combatting Nature Deficit Disorder: How Outdoor Activities Benefit Children and Communities
  • Harmony Project - New way of learning inspired by Nature, aims to transform education in preparing young people for 21st century life.
  • Hindu - Climate change in the classroom, leverage power of youth to find innovative solutions for climate challenge.
  • Learning for Nature - e-learning programme by UN Development Programme connecting biodiversity policymakers, change-makers & on-the-ground subject matter experts.
  • MIT Climate Portal - Adaptation and Climate Change Costs Educator Guide, teaching climate change, earth science, and energy topics in the classroom.
  • Medium.com, jksteinberger - The kids are not ok: schools climate talks and kids' reactions
  • MetOffice - Communicating climate science: Climate science and used to tell stories about climate change
  • OECD, The Forum Network - Can teaching young children about climate change and sustainability actually motivate climate action?
  • Office for Climate Education - Climate change education, organizing international cooperation between scientific bodies, NGOs & educational institutions.
  • Open University - OpenLearn - Free Courses: Nature and environment, introductory, intermediate, advanced levels.
  • Pearson - Global Learner Survey, 5,000 people in five countries asked how much climate change education they've had.
  • Planet Forward - Five ways to make climate change relevant to your audience
  • Qatar Foundation - Education is the Key to Creating the Green Workforce of Tomorrow, Today.
  • Routledge - Teaching Climate Change for Grades 6 -12, empowering Science Teachers
  • STEM Teaching Tools - Climate Learning Resources, Tools, 3D Assessment Examples, Justice in Education Graduate-Level Course.
  • Schools' Climate Education - Learning for a sustainable future,supporting students, teachers,schools on climate education journey.
  • Siemens Stiftung - Climate change education in sustainable development
  • Sooper Articles - The Climate Thought - Achieving Climate Optimism Through Climate Change Education
  • Stem Learning - Climate change - primary resources
  • Subject to Climate - Connector to free Climate Resources for all Subjects
  • Transform Our World - Teacher-rated resources, from individual lesson plans and assemblies, to full-scale year-long programmes
  • UNESCO - Climate Change Education, helps people understand, address impacts of climate crisis.
  • University World News (Africa Edition) - Climate education can 'lure more youths into climate action'.
  • Virtual Planet - Immersive Solutions to Communicate Climate Change.
  • World Economic Forum - How climate education can be used to address social and economic challenges.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Talking climate with those holding different worldviews
  • Yale Climate Connections - Tips for talking to kids about climate change
  • Yale Climate Connections - Teaching climate hope as students envision a no-carbon 2050 future.
  • Yale Climate Connections - 12 titles for a multidisciplinary curriculum on climate change: climate change books from different disciplines.
  • Young People's Trust For the Environment (YPTE) - Encourages young people's understanding of the environment, fact sheets, lesson plans, videos, articles, educational games.
  • Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) - Transdisciplinary, multi-institutional network equips students with approaches to global environmental sustainability.
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"Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases." - Swahili saying

UNESCO ASPnet - Implementing a whole-school approach to climate change.

Earth Warriors in association with National Geographic Society - On the importance of teaching quality climate education in an age appropriate way, critical for 3-7 year olds.

Black Mountains College now offers a unique degree programme, BA in Ecological Futures. Short vocational courses at different levels are also available regardless of ability to pay and funded by the Welsh government.

Useful poster from Skeptical Science on how to spot the opposite... a primer on disinformation.